Building Organisational Capability

EAT10026 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One semester or equivalent

Contact hours

  • 32 Hours

Aims and objectives

By researching a workplace’s context including market, people, management and technical processes, students in this Unit will identify the potential for organisational BIM implementation.
Students will investigate organisational working relationships with project stakeholders and what challenges and potential exists in their involvement with the goals for BIM implementation, exploring the complex issues around capability, willingness for collaboration and the need for clear working agreements.
Students will explore leadership and how they can develop strategies for integrating BIM. They will become versed in the maintenance of a workload that balances project-involvement with broader organisational change and innovation.
Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO)

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Derive an initial organisational BIM implementation roadmap through analysis of projects undertaken in the recent past, the capability of employees and the market sector.
2. Identify the opportunities and constraints through collaboration and research, for greater involvement in BIM that exist amongst client stakeholders and formulate strategies to bring about broader and innovative BIM project objectives.
3. Create a solution where there are no BIM objectives initiated by the client or facility management stakeholders and incorporate into the implementation roadmap.
4. Reflect on the changing role of the BIM Manager and demonstrate the agility required to advance their learning and continual improvement.