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Dr Samuel Wilson

Senior Lecturer, Management
PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia; MPsych, University of Melbourne, Australia


Samuel is a social psychologist, leadership scholar, and registered psychologist. His areas of research range from psychological studies of time and identity to public opinion research into citizens' perceptions and expectations of responsible leadership. He is a founding member of two research groups: Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations, based in the Swinburne Business School, and Social Psychology and Social Issues, based in the Department of Psychological Sciences. He has a strong interest in leadership development, and has designed and delivered postgraduate-level units in ethical leadership, as well as leadership and governance for sustainability. He is also the Course Director of the Global Leadership Program, which is a collaboration between Swinburne and Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts).

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Coordinating Supervisor.


Available to supervise honours students.

Honours topics and outlines

Biotechnological enhancement and dehumanisation: Grounded in recent controversies among bioethicists about whether biotechnological modification or enhancement of humans is humanising, dehumanising or super-humanising, this project examines folk beliefs about the effects of biotechnological enhancement upon the humanness and personhood of enhanced individuals.

Future clarity, health and well-being: Many impulsive behaviours, unpleasant emotions, and misguided cognitions in the present negatively impact the health of our future selves. This project examines the notion that future clarity – the sense that the future is vivid and certain – is inversely related to the risk factors associated with poor health and well-being.

Young people‚Äôs future-connectedness and financial timescapes: The lives of young people are characterised by major transitions and uncertainties about what the future holds. This project examines one facet of uncertainty – financial uncertainty now and over time – and explores the relationships between young people’s sense of connectedness to their future selves, their financial timescape, and money management.

Fields of Research

  • Social And Community Psychology - 170113
  • Corporate Governance And Stakeholder Engagement - 150303
  • Organisational Behaviour - 150311


Also published as: Wilson, Samuel; Wilson, S.; Wilson, S. G.; Wilson, Sam; Wilson, Sam G.; Wilson, Samuel G.
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