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University Distinguished Professor & Dean, School of Health Sciences


Distinguished Professor James R. P. Ogloff AM is the Dean, School of Health Sciences and University Distinguished Professor of Forensic Behavioural Science at Swinburne University of Technology. Distinguished Professor Ogloff leads the School of Health Sciences, one of Australia's leading tertiary education health sciences schools. He is also holds a senior advisory appointment in forensic mental health at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare). He is a Fellow of the Canadian, American and Australian psychological societies as well as the International Association of Applied Psychology.

Distinguished Professor Ogloff has worked in clinical and forensic psychology in a variety of settings for more than 40 years, publishing 18 books and more than 350 scholarly articles and book chapters. In 2015, Professor Ogloff was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia, recognised for significant service to education and to the law as a forensic psychologist, academic, researcher and practitioner. Professor Ogloff is a past-President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. He is a past-Chair of the College of Forensic Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Association.  Professor Ogloff is also a Past-President of the Canadian Psychological Association and a Past-President of the American Psychology-Law Society.  

His areas of clinical expertise include the assessment and treatment of people with problem behaviours (e.g., violence, sexual offending, family violence, stalking, arson, etc.), personality disorders, mental disorders, and cognitive impairment. He has special expertise in correctional and forensic mental health. He also has expertise in the long term effects of child sexual abuse on children. As part of his work with Forensicare and his private work, he regularly conducts clinical forensic evaluations for the courts in a range of topics relating to his expertise. He has given expert evidence in all Australian jurisdictions, as well as in Indonesia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

In addition to his research and clinical work, Professor Ogloff regularly consults to correctional services, youth justice services, and the police. He sits on a number of boards and advisory committees and has chaired government task forces exploring matters such as the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders and the provision of mental health services in jails and prisons. He has also conducted many reviews in justice and health involving matters such as youth justice services, murder by people on parole, suicide and deaths in custody, mental illness among Aboriginal prisoners, violence and aggression among young offenders, self-harm and suicide among immigration detainees. He has also led and participated in reviews of forensic mental health services nationally and internationally. 

Research interests

Forensic psychology; Offending behaviour; Mental illness and offending; Sexual offending; Arson; Jury decision making; Policing and mental health; Psychopathy

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Forensic Psychology - 520103

Teaching areas

Forensic Psychology;Forensic Psychology


  • 2020, Swinburne, University Distinguished Professor, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2019, Swinburne, Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2019, International, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Law-Psychology Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2019, Swinburne, Award for Swinburne Outstanding Researcher, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2018, International, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology and Law, American Psychology-Law Society
  • 2015, National, Member of the Order of Australia (General Division), Government of Australia
  • 2013, National, Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Saskatchewan
  • 2012, National, Donald Andrews Career Contribution Award for Criminal Justice Psychology, Canadian Psychological Association
  • 2009, National, Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychologists Distinguished Contributions Award, Australian Psychological Society
  • 2005, Other, Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring, American Psychology-Law Society
  • 1996, Select, Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs Award for Excellence in Professional Training, Canadian Council of Professional Psychology
  • 1995, Select, Saleem Shah Award , American Psychology Law Society & the American Academy of Forensic Psychology
  • 1990, Other, Award for Contributions to Students, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Parents' Association


Also published as: Ogloff, James; Ogloff, J.; Ogloff, J. P.; Ogloff, J. R. P.; Ogloff, James R.; Ogloff, James R. P.; Ogloff, Jim
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2023: Enhancing risk assessment practice at the Victorian Children’s Court Clinic *; Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program
  • 2023: Risk Framework - Assertive Outreach and Case Management pilot program *; Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
  • 2022: Forensicare Strategic Research Program *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2022: RFQ: Provision of Sexualised Behaviour Training for Youth Justice Staff *; Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • 2021: Evaluation services for the Embedded Youth Outreach Program *; Victoria Police (for Contracts)
  • 2021: Exploring the transition from youth to adult offending - A 10 year follow-up of Australian young people in custody. *; Australian Institute of Criminology Research Grants
  • 2021: Forensicare Cultural Reform Evaluation *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2021: Pilot of wellbeing training for probation officers *; HM Prison and Probation Service Fund Scheme
  • 2021: Provision of training package design for Community Corrections *; Queensland Corrective Services Fund Scheme
  • 2021: Review the Victorian Fixated Threat Assessment Centre’s Joint Extracted De-Identified database (JEDI). *; Victoria Police (for Grants)
  • 2020: Evaluation of New and Enhanced Service Responses to Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse (RFQ) *; Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women (Qld)
  • 2020: Evaluation of the Children’s Court Clinic *; Court Services Victoria
  • 2020: Evaluation of the Forensicare Clinical Support Team *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2020: Interaction of People with Disability and the Justice System *; Department of Social Services
  • 2020: Joint Position Funding - Forensicare Mental Health Nurse *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2020: Perpetrator Interventions in Justice Settings Evidence and Insights *; Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • 2020: RFQ - Review of the Countering Violent Extremism in School Initiatives *; Australian Government Department of Education
  • 2020: Understanding and responding to online child sexual exploitation offenders *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2019: Evaluation of Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Family Violence Reforms *; Court Services Victoria
  • 2019: Evaluation of Police Involved: Mental Health Transfers *; Victoria Police Research Contracts
  • 2019: Evaluation of the YSS/AYSS (Youth Support Service/Aboriginal Youth Support Service Evaluation Requirements) *; Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • 2019: Forensicare-Swinburne Psychiatry Research and Development Program *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2019: Preventing repeat child exploitation material: A two-tiered psychological intervention approach *; Australian Institute of Criminology Research Grants
  • 2019: Preventing Violent Extremism in Victoria - Exploring the profiles of young Victorians at-risk for extremism *; Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • 2019: Review of Adolescent Sexual Offending Services (RFQ) *; Department of Youth Justice (Qld)
  • 2019: Visiting Fellowships Scheme 2019 - Professor Richard Rogers *; Swinburne Research, DVCR&D - Internal contributions
  • 2018: Request for Quote - Validation of National Tools *; Department of Home Affairs, Commonwealth of Australia
  • 2018: RFQ Submission - Adolescent Violence Intervention Programs *; Department of Justice and Regulation Fund Scheme
  • 2017: Development of Reintegration Assessment package for Corrections Victoria *; Corrections Victoria
  • 2017: PhD scholarship *; Burnet Institute
  • 2017: QLD Forensic Disability Service Review *; Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  • 2016: An evaluation of the case management model (in particular the application of the GLM) for serious sex offenders in Victoria. *; Corrections Victoria
  • 2016: Building an integrated system for Australian bushfire prevention *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2016: Effective judicial supervision of offender rehabilitation project *; Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program
  • 2016: Evaluation of Programs for Serious Violent Offenders  *; Corrections Victoria
  • 2016: Validation of the Violence Risk Scale (VRS) *; Victorian Department of Justice
  • 2015: Evaluation of MFMHU service delivery/update, impact and outcome *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2015: Evaluation Services - Smoke Free Prisons Project *; Victorian Department of Justice
  • 2015: Ravenhall Prison Service Evaluation *; Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • 2014: The Enhanced Family Violence Unit: integrating policing and forensic mental health *; MRNWM-ML
  • 2011: Asking the Right Questions: Improving Juror Comprehension of Judicial Directions *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2010: Recognising, assessing, and managing high risk stalking behavior: An evidence-based approach *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme

* Chief Investigator

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