The Social Innovation Research Institute’s vision is to lead social innovation in the digital economy by creating solutions to complex social problems using co-design, new technologies and data analytics techniques. We aim to address the intersection between social challenges and the potential of technology, striving for greater social equity.  

Our objectives: 

  • advance thought leadership by applying social science for innovation 
  • drive innovative social practice through new methods, data and networks 
  • catalyse a community of innovators dedicated to social good 
  • generate evidence and insights that address social problems as they are experienced, with partners across diverse sectors.

Work with us

Whether you’re a community, government or corporate organisation, we want to work with you to drive innovative practice and help solve your complex problems! We have a great team of researchers across a variety of disciplines who can work across projects of all sizes. Get your project started by following these steps: 

  • Talk

    Step 1

    Let us know the challenges you’re facing, your ideas or your questions and we’ll work out how to align our research expertise. Call us on +61 3 9214 8180 or email

  • Co-design

    Step 2

    We get together for a co-design workshop, to brainstorm ideas and solutions.

  • Funding

    Step 3

    If the project needs funding, there are various opportunities we can tap into, including applying for external grant funding.

  • Take off

    Step 4

    We’ll work with you to design a full pilot project that includes appropriate ethical approval and evidence summaries. 

  • Society 4.0

    Our Society 4.0 initiative includes a yearly forum to explore positive changes for society in an increasingly digital and connected world. 

Our latest news

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If your organisation would like to collaborate with us to solve a complex problem, or you simply want to contact our team, get in touch by calling +61 3 9214 8180 or emailing

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