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Recreational drugs

View our studies exploring the immediate and long-term effects of recreational drugs on cognition, behaviour and mood.

Alcohol and energy drinks

Combining alcohol combined with energy drinks has become an increasingly popular mix. It has been suggested that the stimulant effects of the energy drink are able to reverse some of the sedative effects of the alcohol. This series of studies aims to critically evaluate this possibility.

This project examines the effects of alcohol and energy drink in combination and alone on:

  • cognitive performance and mood 
  • driving simulator performance and, 
  • desire for alcohol measured using cognitive tasks and fMRI. Additionally, there is an online survey and a field study measuring consumption behaviours and personality.

Information was also gathered through an online survey and a field sudy measuring consumption behaviours and personality. 

This trial is now complete.


Sarah Benson
e: sarahbenson@swinburne.edu.au

Substance use and personality

This study investigated the prevalence of drug use and its relationship to various personality traits in Australians aged 18 and over.

Participants were invited to complete an anonymous survey answering questions about their use of caffeine, alcohol, drugs and neuroenhancers such as perscription medicine. The survey also covered questions relating to personality traits.

This study is now complete.


Andrew Scholey
t: +61 3 9214 8932
e: ascholey@swinburne.edu.au