Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

Courses, training services and consulting

The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science helps develop best practice models of care and treatment. We work with government and industry to:

  • train workers in the delivery of health, social and criminal justice services
  • develop, validate, test and use special assessments, interventions and evaluations
  • evaluate offender rehabilitation programs
  • contribute to the development and revision of public policy.

Examples of our training

  • Assessment of risk for offenders (i.e., violence, inpatient aggression, sex offending, stalking, intimate partner violence, firesetting)
  • Dealing with difficult or distressed self-represented litigants within various Australian court and tribunal settings
  • Dealing with difficult people or situations within organisations
  • Responding to and managing stalking in the workplace, including on-campus at universities
  • Dealing with people with severe personality disorders and offending behaviour
  • Core competencies in forensic mental health.

Program evaluation or review

  • Review of the violence intervention program for Youth Justice
  • Pilot initiative for Victoria Police of a linkage program to provide vulnerable staff with complex needs better routes of referral and access to treatment and support services in the community
  • A review of immigration detention centres for the Department of Home Affairs to assist with the identification and prevention of suicide risk among immigration detainees.

Primary research

Development of programs or measurement tools