Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

Forensic mental health postgraduate projects

Our postgraduate students are undertaking projects examining the relationship between mental illness and offending.

Cieran Harries

Child maltreatment and youth offending:  Clarifying relationships in a large cohort of court-referred young people

This study aims to enhance current understanding by examining the long-term outcomes of maltreated children in Victoria. The findings could improve current models of care by informing service providers of relevant risk factors, critical intervention points and specific treatment (or management) targets.

Zsuzsanna Horvath

Evaluation of the Mobile Forensic Mental Health Service. Study 3: Efficiency, impact and effectiveness of the service

The MobileFMHS is a novel service based on interventions for offenders with complex mental health or mental impairment issues. A formal, prospective evaluation of the service is required to assess whether the specified service outcomes are being achieved.

Michelle Schilders

The Identification and Management of Prisoners with Mental Illnesses in Victoria

The aim of the study is to map and analyse the key trajectories that offenders with psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders and those with a duel diagnosis of substance abuse disorder follow in the criminal justice system. The second aim is to review the psychiatric screening outcomes of prisoners at reception to the Melbourne Assessment Prison (MAP).

Greg Shinkfield

Measuring the progress and outcome of patients at Thomas Embling Hospital

This study seeks to evaluate the accuracy of the Routine Outcome Measures (ROMs) currently mandated for use in Thomas Embling Hospital (TEH). It also seeks to appraise the utility of these measures in relation to other available forensic specific tools.