Chaos is always seen as a problem to be solved. In this research program, we explore the possibilities of tailoring chaos in electromagnetic waves and exploit the characteristics of chaotic waves to perform extraordinary multidimensional, multispectral lensless imaging. We’re also seeking to create a new generation of imaging technologies capable of 5D imaging, of seeing through scattering layers, and of complex encryption for security applications. This new direction will lead to the development of versatile microscopes and telescopes.

Our research projects

  • Holography using chaotic waves 
  • Molecular fingerprinting and 3D imaging with chaos encoded bright infrared beam from Synchrotron 
  • 5D imaging with self-interfering Bessel and Gaussian beams 
  • Super resolution imaging with chaotic Fresnel incoherent correlation holography 
  • Development of novel diffractive optical elements and Meta-optics for spatial and spectral imaging

This is an example of multispectral and multidimensional imaging using chaotic waves.

This is an example of Chaotic Fresnal incoherent correlation holography.

Our teams

  • Professor Paul Stoddart (Team Leader)
  • Peter Cadusch (Adjunct Professorial Fellow)
  • Keith Gibbs (Adjunct Research Fellow)
  • Dr Md Mamun (Adjunct Research Fellow)
  • Dr Blanca del Rosal (Adjunct Research Fellow)
  • Toon Goris (PhD student)
  • Dr Andrew Dyall (MSc student)
  • Errol Phuah (PhD student)

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