The Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group in the School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in the field of experience through the study of human experience and technology. This dedication is based on the principle that real value creation lies in balancing human insight with tech innovation.

About us

CXI works with partners to become experience-led through the combination of human insight and technological innovation. We achieve this through deep collaborations, guided by fundamental theory, knowledge and practice, including a range of methodologies and frameworks.

CXI undertakes work in two broad areas:

Human insight and experience

The study of people in terms of their psychological, emotional and behavioural experiences with products, services, systems, destination, brands and organisations.

Key focus areas include:

  • learning strategies and behaviour change
  • classification (persona and/or segment development) and journey mapping
  • customer experience, including business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to business (B2B)
  • employee experience
  • user experience
  • brand experience.

Technological innovation and experience

The study of emerging technology solutions in terms of how they are valued, adopted and experienced by people.

Key focus areas include:

  • the diffusion of technological innovations
  • individual differences in technology appeal, adoption and readiness
  • experience-led technological innovation
  • emerging technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artifical intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse
  • technological avoidance and data privacy
  • Carla Ferraro

    "To be successful today, organisations need to be both experience- and technology-led. Through combining insight-driven experience design and technology, organisations can create memorable experiences for everyone who interacts with their brand – from customers to employees and partners – at every step of their journey."

    Carla Ferraro , CXI Co-Director and Associate Professor of Marketing

  • Vlad Demsar

    "As emerging technologies continue to reshape our world, it is important for organisations to remember that technology alone cannot drive business success. To truly unlock the potential of technological innovations, we must develop a deep understanding of how it can be used to address stakeholder needs, solve problems, and create unforgettable experiences”.

    Vlad Demsar , CXI Co-Director and Lecturer of Marketing

  • Participants in a Customer Experience and Insight Research Group workshop

    Our people

    The Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) leadership group and associate members include specialists in the fields of technology, consumer psychology and behaviour, retailing, services, marketing and management.

  • Participant using an iPad in a Customer Experience and Insight Research Group workshop

    Our research

    The Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group works with organisations to generate powerful insights that aid in the design and execution of optimal experiences.

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