Part of the Swinburne Business School, the CXI Research Group was established in 2018 and has an experienced team of research consultants and a network of associates at leading European and American universities. This gives us the expertise and global perspective to conduct world-class academic and industry research, advancing the knowledge and practice of experience now and into the future.

Our mission

The CXI Research Group is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships through the study of customer experience.

We work collaboratively with organisations to create and deliver customer value, and ultimately compete on customer experience. We achieve this through employing a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and frameworks that generate powerful insights.

  • Sean Sands, CXI Director and Associate Professor of Marketing

    “Never have expectations of brands been higher. When we enter a physical store, we expect magic, experience, and immersion. We work with organisations and brands to generate powerful insights that inform optimal customer experiences, innovations and actionable strategies.”

    Sean Sands , CXI Director and Professor of Marketing

  • Participants in a Customer Experience and Insight Research Group workshop

    Our people

    Meet the team at the Customer Experience and Insight Research Group comprises specialists in the fields of consumer psychology and behaviour, retailing, services, marketing, and management.

  • Participant using an iPad in a Customer Experience and Insight Research Group workshop

    Our research

    CXI is a full-service research group that conducts leading-edge research which centres on customer experience to build customer-led strategy and innovation. You can engage CXI for trends, research, and insight on consumers, categories, industries and markets.

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