The Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science (CFBS) is a nationally and internationally recognised provider of consultation, evaluation and primary research services across correctional and health settings. Associate Professor Rachael Fullam in her role as Consultation and Evaluation Lead develops, coordinates and manages all consultation and evaluation activity across the Centre.

The CFBS staff group are actively involved in research and consultation projects. This ensures that organisations which utilise our services have access to the extensive breadth of expertise across the Centre.

Our services

Our services include:

  • providing expert advice
  • providing literature, best practice and state of the science reviews
  • development and validation of specialist assessments, programs and focused interventions
  • process and outcome evaluations of new and existing services
  • contributing to the development and revision of public policy

We work closely with each client organisation throughout the life of each project to identify their key priorities and preferred approach. We use data visualisation techniques and other reporting strategies to produce adaptable project outputs that focus on the communication of key findings and implications.

Thinking of engaging with us?

If you would like to discuss engaging our consultation service, please contact Associate Professor Rachael Fullam for an initial discussion by emailing or calling +61 3 9214 6237.

Consultancy projects

Examples of completed consultancy projects include:

Police services
  • Evaluation of the Embedded Youth Outreach Program (Victoria Police)
  • Analysis of VFTAC data holdings (Victoria Police)
  • Evaluation of Police Involved in Mental Health Transfers (Victoria Police)

Court services
  • Evaluation of Magistrates' Court of Victoria Family Violence Reforms (Court Services Victoria)
  • Research services for the Neighbourhood Justice Centre Evaluation Projects (Court Services Victoria)

Youth justice services and other youth services
  • Review of the Youth Justice System in Victoria (Victorian Government)
  • Evaluation of the Youth Support Service and Aboriginal Youth Support Service (Youth Justice Division, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety)
  • Review of Queensland Adolescent Sexual Offending Services (Department of Youth Justice, Queensland)
  • Review of the countering violent extremism in schools initiatives (Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment)
  • Evaluation of New and Enhanced Service Responses to Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, Queensland)

Adult correctional services
  • Review of the Motivational Interactions Implementation Model (Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety)
  • Smoke Free Prison Project (Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety)

Forensic mental health services and health services
  • Evaluation of the Community Integration Program (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health) 
  • Evaluation of the Mobile Forensic Mental Health Program (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health) 
  • Evaluation of the forensic mental health services at Ravenhall Correctional Centre (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health) 
  • Cohort analysis of security needs in secure settings (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health) 
  • Clinical support team evaluation (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health) 
  • Evaluation of Cultural Reform Initiatives (Victorian Institute for Forensic Mental Health)
  • Evaluation of Violence Prevention Learning Programs (Department of Human Services, Commonwealth of Australia) 

Disability services
  • Validation of the Violence Risk Scale (Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety)
  • Validation of national threat assessment tools: Risk-Aide Mémoire and the Grievance-Fuelled Risk-Aide Mémoire (Department of Home Affairs)
  • Australian Consortium for Research Excellence in Reducing Persistent Violence and Sexual Offending
  • Development of a reintegration assessment package (Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety)
  • Adaptation of the moderate intensity Adolescent Violence Intervention Program (AVIP), consultation and development
  • Concept development to assist departments to better respond to persistent youth offenders (Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education and Training and Victoria Police)
  • Case prioritisation research consultancy (Family Violence Investigation Unit, Victoria Police)
  • Provision of training package design for Community Corrections (Queensland Corrective Services)
  • Provision of problematic sexualised behaviour framework and training (Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Community Safety)

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