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Work with us

We build great teams of researchers to work with your organisation on projects addressing complex social problems.

The Social Innovation Research Institute welcomes new partnerships to help you solve complex problems. We’re approachable and agile, and can curate a great team of our best researchers across relevant disciplines to suit your needs.

We follow a simple approach of four steps to work with you and experiment on small or large projects.

An infographic speaking to the four steps that represent how industry partners can work with the Social Innovation Institute on a collaborative research project

Step 1: talk

Contact us to talk through your ideas or questions about undertaking a research project with us. Once we understand the problems you’re facing, we can work out how these align with our research expertise.

Call us:  +61 (03) 9214 8180

Email us: sii@swinburne.edu.au

Step 2: co-design

We come to your organisation with a group of researchers from different disciplines for a co-design workshop. We use this opportunity to brainstorm with you and your team, focusing on problem areas and solutions.

Step 3: funding

If the project needs funding, Swinburne has a number of opportunities that allow us to work with you to build our relationship and develop early research solutions, such as:

  • Strategic Partner Scheme: Swinburne matches your contributions to an agreed ratio. 

If the project is going well, these are great precursors to applying for external grant funding.

Step 4: take off

It’s time for the research to take off! Following the co-design workshop, we will work with you to design a full pilot research project, which will include appropriate ethical approval and evidence summaries as required.

Why work with us?

We believe you’ll love our agile approach to research and a simple framework for kicking off a research project. This means we can:

  • get started (and completed!) quickly thanks to our rapid, robust and tested process for ethics approval, undertaking evidence review and producing insights for you 
  • seek to engage our up-and-coming researchers to work with you to build teams that are full of energy and enthusiasm
  • bring a range of relevant disciplines to your topic, such as social policy and technology design, to achieve a truly transdisciplinary result.


Where technology meets humanity

Working with you to explore intelligent, citizen and consumer-engaged social solutions to complex problems. Learn more about our research focus and areas of innovation through partnered projects.

Contact the Social Innovation Research Institute

There are many ways to engage with us. If your organisation is dealing with a complex problem, then get in touch to discuss how we can work together to provide solutions.

Call +61 (03) 9214 8180