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About us

We pursue solutions to difficult social challenges using new methods and techniques.

The idea is to understand your social challenge and to co-create as a team - including your organisation and the brightest and best at Swinburne - involving social science, technology and engineering. We seek to push the boundaries of engaging new methodologies, data analytics and including end-users of all capabilities. The level of co-creation we seek is unique, but we know it opens up new insights while building capacity and collaborations for social good.

Professor Jane Farmer Foundation Director of the Social Innovation Research Institute

The Social Innovation Research Institute is where technology meets humanity.

Our vision is to lead social innovation in the digital economy by creating solutions to complex social problems using co-design, new technologies and data analytics techniques.

We aim to address the intersection between social challenges and the potential of technology.

Our objectives:

  • Advance thought leadership by applying social science for innovation;
  • Drive innovative social practice through new methods, data and networks;
  • Catalyse a community of innovators dedicated to social good, and 
  • Generate evidence and insights with partners across diverse sectors and disciplines.

Our multi-skilled team of researchers believes in the power of partnering with community, government and corporate partners - for achieving and activating on common goals.

If your organisation is dealing with a complex social problem, then contact us to discuss how a multi-skilled team will work with you to make solutions.

Where technology meets humanity

Working with you to explore intelligent, citizen and consumer-engaged social solutions to complex problems. Learn more about our research focus and areas of innovation through partnered projects.

Contact the Social Innovation Research Institute

There are many ways to engage with us. If your organisation is dealing with a complex problem, then get in touch to discuss how we can work together to provide solutions.

Call +61 (03) 9214 8180