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Future urban mobility

Creating safe and resilient urban transport and mobility solutions.

The future urban mobility program is guided by an overarching vision for making cities accessible to their populations through connecting the social, physical, economic and information infrastructure.

Led by Professor Hussein Dia, this program researches ways to create safe and resilient urban transport and mobility solutions that enhance access to services, places and economic opportunities, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Facilitating the 30-minute city

Urgent and radical changes in urban transport policies and practices will benefit the planet and future generations.

Research projects

Go to Intelligent transport systems and infrastructure page Intelligent transport systems and infrastructure

Developing algorithms for network operations, management and control, agent-based traffic modelling and simulation, smart infrastructure and disruptive mobility.

Go to Analytics and data-driven urban mobility solutions page Analytics and data-driven urban mobility solutions

Researching data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in urban mobility.

Go to End-to-end freight solutions page End-to-end freight solutions

Focusing on intermodal transport, integrated transport systems, rail freight transport, collaborative supply chain management, and port management.

Go to Enhanced personal mobility page Enhanced personal mobility

Developing systems to identify and establish methods to capture traveller journey preference metrics, and interpret traveller needs and preferences.

Our research is focused on the development and evaluation of new solutions and policy pathways that are most likely to have the greatest impact in achieving sustainable urban mobility. These pathways are centred on:

  • integrated land-use and transport policies
  • investments in dense and human scale cities
  • transit-oriented and pedestrian-oriented developments
  • optimised road network use
  • pricing policy instruments
  • urban freight and supply chain logistics
  • public transport and active travel options.

Our research in urban mobility is also underpinned by a recognition of the role of digital innovations and disruptive technologies in addressing the modern-day demands of urban living and travel in the world’s large and fast growing cities.

The urban mobility research team consists of researchers specialising in:

  • intelligent transport systems
  • disruptive mobility
  • smart infrastructure
  • network optimisation and control
  • data science and analytics
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • sensor networks and Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • logistics and urban freight
  • electric vehicles
  • and software innovation.

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