Knowledge exchange and linked open data platforms

Supporting urban policy making and community participation.

In this age of free and unfettered access to information, it is hard to discern facts from opinions. Policy makers need to navigate, analyse and prioritise a broad range of resources and data available online in order to tailor solutions to their specific local circumstances.


The proliferation of online resources does not necessarily lead to better decision-making or access to trusted sources upon which decisions can be made. More needs to be done to provide a clear and consistent evidence base to support urban policy making and community participation.

Our work

Our institute is involved in a number of global knowledge exchange, data-sharing and policy analysis platforms that are being developed and managed at Swinburne. These include:

New projects include an ARC LIEF Project to develop new harmonised knowledge sharing digital infrastructure, and an international collaboration with global cities networks to provide an evidence base on building energy policies for municipalities.

Associated Swinburne researchers

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