The Building Quality Passport

Using mobile learning and gamification to support building practitioners to upskill and meet compliance requirements of the construction process.

The building sector needs to decrease energy demand by 30 per cent by 2030 to contribute to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.

Building practitioners will need to undertake training in order to meet new performance requirements aimed at achieving this target. However, research has shown that building practitioners are largely disengaged from professional development, particularly when it requires downing tools to learn to comply with new provisions of building codes.

This project applies the principles of mobile learning and gamification to:

  • offer a learning platform for building practitioners to learn on the job
  • gain credit for demonstrating compliance with codes
  • meet compliance requirements of the construction process.

By collating image, video and permit data by project in shared validated libraries, trades and builders can also curate a portfolio of compliant work, known as a Building Quality Passport.

This project hopes to improve building code compliance rates, alongside building energy performance, and raising the engagement and value of professional development by adding value to compliance through education and marketing.


Associated Swinburne researchers


Associated researchers

  • Dr. Tim Miller, University of Melbourne
  • Dr. Antonette Mendoza, University of Melbourne
  • Mohummad Sherkat, University of Melbourne


Project partners

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