Digital health systems for improved healthcare

A digital health program to support e-Health, psycho-oncology, care interventions and health communications.

This digital health program draws upon citizen-centred health initiatives and partnerships with government and industry to provide insight into current management techniques for health data.

The digital health program will investigate ways of supporting and promoting citizen-centred health initiatives, including:

  • e-Health
  • Psycho-oncology
  • supportive care interventions
  • other aspects of health communication and promotion, including the data management of individual health care records.

Partnerships with the following government and industry bodies will provide insights into current management techniques and the existing gaps in health data management:

  • federal, state and local government
  • large corporates
  • international development agencies
  • governments in target partner countries
  • health insurers.


Current projects

Minimising medication errors

This project will develop an Internet of Things (IoT) device linked to patient electronic medical records to ensure the correct medication at the correct dose is delivered to the correct patient at the correct time.

Loneliness research

A project led by Dr Michelle Lim with partner, Relationships Australia Victoria, has been awarded funding to analyse ‘A digital prototype addressing loneliness in older adults.’

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