In summary

  • Fraser is studying a Bachelor of Design (Architecture at Swinburne)
  • He found lockdown gave him clarity and focus, and is excited about the year ahead  
  • He says clubs are one of the best ways to make the most of your Swinburne experience 

Fraser is studying a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) at Swinburne. Here, he reflects on his first few weeks back on campus and focuses firmly on the future. 

Finish this sentence : Getting back on campus again… 

Was a bit nerve-wracking! 

Getting back on campus again was a big adjustment, but a good one. It was such a good first day. It was so exciting to see all my classmates again. And getting to interact in person, without a mask, was epic! 

I felt exhausted, but in a good way! 

Swinburne students are enjoying all the perks of being back on campus.

My lockdown silver lining was… 

Getting clarity and confirmation that I was doing the thing I wanted to do. 

Having so much time on my hands made me feel re-energised to make the most of every day, and to work hard at my goals. 

I was inspired by the creative ways people passed the time in lockdowns, and was thankful for the ways we were still able to connect with friends and family. I definitely came out of lockdown a more focused and driven person. 

Now, I live each day the best way that I can. 

This year, I’m going to… 

Make the most of being back on campus! 

I want to spend as much time in the Protolab as possible – getting as hands on with my course as I can. I want to meet as many new people as possible. I’ve joined some new clubs and am looking forward to events being held. Of course, I want to do well academically as well!  

A group of architecture students in Fraser's course use bubbles to find form. 

The best thing about my course so far is…  

 The hands-on experience! 

In my architecture course, I get to make lots of models to explain and articulate my ideas, and I like learning new machinery which help to make models. My favourite piece of machinery is the laser cutter in the Protolab! 

Fraser's group presented an innovative joinery solution in response to a project brief. "We became obsessed with how timber could be put together without screws or any traditional joinery,” says Fraser. Interestingly enough, their design was informed by the pandemic. "We were inspired by the idea that the joinery spread like a virus. It was a very organic and dynamic form."   

Swinburne IRL is SRSLY OMG because… 

 I get to work with other students in person.  
I love collaborative learning and being with other people. Being able to sit around a table in person and talk has been so nice. Scribbling ideas onto a piece of paper in real life as opposed to typing them out into a collaborative Word doc brings more energy and flow to the creative process.

I’m glad to have the balance back – between IRL and online. 

Hybrid learning highlights?  

Being a very hands-on discipline, my architecture course is all on campus. But, I enjoy the benefits online learning has brought in terms of access to content online. All my study guides and resources are so well organised. When I’m not in class, content is easy to find and access. 

Joining a club is one of the best ways to enhance your on campus experience.

Fave Swinburne IRL experience?

Meeting new people through the clubs on campus! 

Getting to know people from all ages and different courses has been so interesting. I feel like joining clubs is the best way to meet new people but also learn lots of new things. 

Fraser is a member of both the Swinburne Architecture Students Association (SASA) and Swinburne University Snow Squad (SUSS). He’s excited about hitting the powder with uni friends next month. 

What are you most looking forward to at Swinburne in 2022? 

This year is going to be epic in so many ways. I’m looking forward to really making the most of the end of my undergraduate time at Swinburne.

I have so many models to make in the Protolab, as well as site visits and out of classroom learning – like Melbourne Design Week which I took part in during March. I’m also hoping to plan an overseas trip soon to integrate with my studies. I can’t wait to see where the year takes me!

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