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  • Swinburne’s virtual Open Day experience, Swintopia, is back in 2021 with new features and in a mobile friendly format
  • Swintopia is a gamified and immersive campus experience where future students can discover life at Swinburne
  • Explore course content, learning spaces, buildings and clubs, meet current students and staff, complete quests and collect discount vouchers

Swinburne’s virtual Open Day experience, Swintopia, is back again in 2021 – with some new features.

Swintopia is an award-winning gamified and immersive campus experience (think the popular Animal Crossing game meets Open Day) where future students can discover what life at Swinburne is like in a fun and engaging way.

Swintopia allows visitors to guide their own ‘SwinBot’ through the virtual campus, plan their future study pathways, hear from real students, meet academic staff and get a taste of the social life.

In 2021, Swintopia has been upgraded with fresh course content, videos and people to meet. Plus, there are new giveaways, discounts and rewards on offer – all in a mobile friendly format.

So, what can you do in Swintopia?

Our ‘Swintopia top seven’

1. Take a tour (from the comfort of your lounge room)

First year Film and Television student Maskit Mati will guide you around campus and show you some of her favourite spots. Journeying through Swintopia you can also check out ‘The Junction’ – the brand-new study space next to Glenferrie Station, opening in Semester 2, explore the grassy knolls of Wakefield Gardens or step inside the iconic Advanced Technologies Centre. And did you know Swinburne has a campus in Malaysia too? Look out for the country’s national bird to find out more. 

The Advanced Technologies Centre is one of the most iconic buildings on the Hawthorn campus, home to state-of-the-art research and learning facilities.

2. Meet real students (including some familiar faces)

As you ‘walk the halls’ of Swintopia keep an eye out for Richmond AFL players Ellie McKenzie, Monique Conti and Dave Astbury. You might even run into TV personality Holly Dalton along the way. You can also hear the experiences of Swinburne students who have made the most out of their time at uni, like Law/Arts student Neane Carter and Swinburne Student Union president James Atkins.

3. Hear from academics about your areas of interest

Step inside Swinburne’s buildings and you’ll be met by academics who will share information with you about our range of courses and subjects. There’s star astronomer Professor Alan Duffy, Swinburne’s Chief Scientist Professor Virginia Kilborn, Anthony Van Buiten from Plumbing, Adam Jacoby from the Innovation Precinct, and many more. In 2021, the course info has been updated to include new Swinburne courses (if humanities is your thing, be sure to check out our new Bachelor of Arts).

Meet students and staff in your virtual travels, including Richmond AFLW player Monique Conti and Swinburne’s Chief Scientist Professor Virginia Kilborn.

4. Explore your industry experience options

Real industry experience makes all the difference when it comes to landing your dream job after graduation. That’s why from 2021 Swinburne is guaranteeing work integrated learning opportunities for every undergraduate student. As you explore campus, you can interact with academics who will share more about the industry experiences available to you.

5. Complete ‘quests’ to unlock giveaways and vouchers

Keep your eyes peeled for quests to score discounts and vouchers redeemable in stores and venues around the Hawthorn campus (including the local cinema and cafes). Hint: check out the new Bachelor of Arts to head off on a quest to nab a discount at Swinburne’s new pop-up merch store and look out for a Richmond AFLW player needing help finding her lost footy.

Complete quests along your Swintopia journey and you could score discount vouchers to local venues around Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus, like popular coffee and music spot Alley Tunes.

6. Fill up your (virtual) tote bag

Is it really an Open Day experience if you don’t get a tote bag? Your handy virtual tote bag will keep all the course content, student services and Swinburne clubs information you’ve collected in one place – not to mention all the goodies you’ve picked up along the way.

7. Join a club and experience the social life

Are you into netball, futsal, blockchain, eSports or space? Whatever your jam, Swintopia allows you to explore clubs you can join – experiences we guarantee will enrich your time at uni. You can also find out what it’s like to live in the student residences and get familiar with some of the local hotspots like the newly revamped Hawthorn Hotel (‘the Hawka’) or popular coffee and music spot, Alley Tunes.

Start your new adventure, play Swintopia

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