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  • Swinburne University of Technology is guaranteeing work integrated learning opportunities for all undergraduate students from 2021
  • The expansion of Swinburne's existing Work Integrated Learning program aligns with the launch of Swinburne's new strategic direction
  • Students will be connected with over 1,100 of Swinburne's partners to gain real work experience

Swinburne University of Technology is leading the way in graduate employability, unveiling its new guarantee that every undergraduate student will receive work integrated learning and real industry experience during their degree from 2021.

The expansion of Swinburne’s existing Work Integrated Learning program comes as Swinburne launches its new strategic direction and redefines itself as the prototype of a new and innovative university for the 21st century.

From now on, paid placements, internships or industry-linked projects will be a core component of all undergraduate courses. Students will be connected with Swinburne’s more than 1,100 industry, government and community partners to gain real work experience that will help them build in-demand skills and prepare them for the workforce.

Swinburne Vice-Chancellor Professor Pascale Quester said Swinburne‘s ethos of ‘learning by doing’ is demonstrated through the university’s guarantee to provide every Swinburne learner industry experience and its commitment to merge the world of study and work.

“The future of work is constantly evolving and requires different capabilities. Workplaces are looking for innovative solutions to the problems they’re experiencing, as well as the talent required for a future defined by technology.”

“With this new Work Integrated Learning guarantee, Swinburne students will be the practical, adaptive and specialised professionals that industry needs. Our graduates will be highly employable and ready to contribute to social and economic impact as global citizens,” Professor Quester said.

This announcement builds on Swinburne’s reputation for providing one of the highest success rates of graduates gaining full-time employment, which is around 92 per cent, according to the Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal National Report 2020.

Swinburne graduates are also highly valued by employers, with the 2020 Employer Satisfaction Survey placing Swinburne equal fourth out of 37 universities nationally.

Jeff Connolly, Chairman and CEO of Siemens Australia and New Zealand, one of Swinburne’s major partners, said this guarantee reflects the changing needs of industry, education and learners.

“The days of industry and business taking finished product from tertiary educators are gone. Businesses have an obligation to participate during the education process of post-secondary students if they want outcomes that reflect the changing skills and needs required to be competitive as the world enters the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

“Put simply, strong links between industry and key educators helps ensure that curriculum is more relevant to industry needs and that students are more job-ready when they graduate. I am pleased to see this initiative by Swinburne and it is a positive signal for the future of education,” Mr Connolly said.

Swinburne’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Chris Pilgrim said the new guarantee underpins Swinburne’s ambition to be the most industry-engaged university in Australia.

“We are investing in the future of our students and providing them with a strong foundation of skills and experience to enable them to confidently enter the workforce and feel empowered about their future. This is ever more important in a post-COVID-19 environment where many young Australians are facing uncertainty about the narrowed job market,” Professor Pilgrim said.

Swinburne’s new strategic direction positions the university at the forefront of technology, innovation and industry engagement in a tech-rich future. The Work Integrated Learning guarantee is the first in a series of programs and announcements that illustrates how Swinburne is creating the ‘next gen now’.

Find out more about Swinburne’s new Work Integrated Learning guarantee.

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