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  • Swinburne and the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ) have partnered to support graduate employability for MBA students
  • Students will gain access to workshops, mentors, networking events and leadership development opportunities
  • Swinburne is one of 11 university and higher education providers Pathway Partners for IML ANZ

Swinburne University of Technology, has partnered with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ) to support leadership development, increase industry engagement opportunities, and boost graduate employability for students completing Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs.

As part of the partnership, students completing Swinburne MBA program receive Affiliate Membership with IML ANZ. They also gain access to career development workshops, a four-month mentoring program, invitations to exclusive networking events, and the use of tools to understand personal behaviours, competencies and leadership styles.

Boosting graduate employability

The collaboration between the two institutions comes at a crucial time for university students who may be worried about their job prospects in the current economic climate. Existing graduate employability challenges have been further exacerbated by economic instability due to the COVID-19 situation.

Research by IML ANZ’s into graduate employability has revealed 55% of employers feel graduates are ill-equipped for the modern workforce.

Many employers fear that students may struggle to transition from the world of theory to the demands of real-world situations. One of the proposed solutions by participants in the study (which included both employers and students) was that universities should provide industry-based learning and programs such as mentoring, to close the gap.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Business and Law at Swinburne, Professor Michael Gilding, says this is where the partnership’s value stands out.

“Industry engagement is part of the DNA of Swinburne. Our industry partners not only deliver guest lectures and provide students with real-life case studies, but they actively guide the design of our curriculum,” he explains.

Professor Gilding also acknowledges that the partnership with IML ANZ is a step in the right direction when it comes to closing the graduate employability gap.

“Delivering the delicate balance between research-based theory and practical application is where we excel.

“Preparing students for industry begins with their immersion in the Swinburne entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Our partnership with IML ANZ takes this a step further to provide students with the skills to navigate environments from the start-up ecosystem to the corporate world. It’s a natural extension, greatly enhancing the opportunity for students to network with peers, future employers and experts within industry,” Gilding adds.

A suite of benefits

The partnership provides a suite of benefits that connect students to industry including, career development workshops, professional mentoring, exclusive networking opportunities and business challenges led by local leaders. These opportunities are already proving attractive to students who want to gain more than just theory-based learning.

Swinburne MBA student, Jonathan Borreani is excited about what this partnership has to offer. “As an international student, I want to improve my network in Australia, and I want to learn more about the Australian mindset. I am hoping to get a broader vision of what is the role of a manager and leader in a company to be better prepared for future challenges, says Jonathan.

MBA student Jonathan hopes this new partnership will help him improve his networks in Australia and be better prepared for his future career.

IML ANZ Chief Executive, David Pich CMgr FIML, believes this is the way forward for both education and professional bodies. Pich recalls, “I think back to my own university degree, and it was essentially sitting in a dusty, draughty lecture theatre. It was no preparation for the world of work at all.

“I’m delighted to have Swinburne as a Pathway Partner because I think that’s how education, and particularly tertiary education, has to go – building partnerships with industry to create work-ready graduates.”

Swinburne joins other leading Australian universities and higher education providers as one of 11 Pathway Partners for IML ANZ.

Find out more about Higher Education Partnerships with IML ANZ and Swinburne’s MBA programs.

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