If you’re keeping up with change, you’re already too late. Make change. Disrupt the disruptors. Surprise the forecasters. Sway the sceptics. Find believers, turn them into investors. Learn not just to plot your own trajectory but to scale it.

The mindset of edge. It’s what we teach.

Our programs

Our postgraduate degrees combine practical theory with experiential learning, merge traditional skills with innovative thinking, and take a design-led approach to solving business problems and challenges.

Why we’re different

Online Foundation

Four short online modules to help assess your skills and prepare you for postgraduate study.

Day Zero Workshop

Get to meet your Course Directors and fellow classmates in this orientation workshop. We’ll do a quick overview on the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) as well as look at our Learning Management System known as Canvas which you’ll use for all your units. We’ll have a guest speaker as well as the opportunity to network with other students who are starting at the same time as you. Ensure you register for catering purposes via Eventbrite.

Industry, Industry, Industry

Our Course Advisory Committee includes prominent industry professionals. We pick their brains on emerging trends, skills they would hire for and knowledge gaps they want to see filled.

Meet Those Who’ve Made It

Engage with our industry partners and business leaders as they share industry insights through guest lectures, and brief you on group project topics developed around issues they are facing in their own organisation.

Click here to hear from our students who worked on some exciting industry projects.

Pracademics And Academics

Whether professionals with academic experience, or academics with a wealth of professional experience, your teachers will get granular with real business problems and practical methods to discover solutions.


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