In Summary

  • Swinburne students are being employed as Adobe Digital Coaches to share their Adobe skills with students and staff
  • As part of Swinburne’s Adobe Creative Campus, student coaches are leading a campaign to encourage students to share digital works using the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Digital Coaches aim to help students excel in digital literacy and enhance their employability with digital skills

Swinburne Adobe Digital Coaches are leading a campaign to encourage other students to share their experiences, using programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud. As part of Swinburne’s broader Digital Literacies framework, the campaign focuses on students telling their unique story while improving their digital literacy and employability skills. The campaign encourages the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which all Swinburne staff and students have free access to due to Swinburne’s Adobe Creative Campus status.

Swinburne students are employed as Adobe Digital Coaches to share their knowledge and experience of Adobe applications with fellow students, encouraging them to use the Adobe suite in projects, assessments, and even personal creative works. The coaches provide consulting and support for Adobe Creative Cloud products via the Adobe Creative Hub, which is focussed on elevating digital literacy amongst students. The coaches also assist staff with enhancing their digital skills by offering support on the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and its many applications in lectures and tutorials.

The coaching program was launched in February 2020 and currently employs 12 Swinburne students part-time to work as Adobe Digital Coaches. Adobe thinkers and creators provide the coaches with expert training and support in the latest Adobe offerings and updates, ensuring the coaches are up-to-date with the latest from the Creative Cloud.

Adobe Digital Coaches at Adobe training

Adobe Digital Coaches received expert training from Adobe the Create Cloud suite of programs in February 2020.

Connecting creatively via distance

To encourage fellow students to connect and create while studying remotely due to the COVID-19 situation, Swinburne has launched a content campaign called ‘The new normal – stories from in-between’. The campaign aims to inspire students to get creative and learn new skills as they share their unique experience of life in 2020. The first round of submissions has been kicked off by the Adobe Digital Coaches themselves, and include a creative collection of video, animation, sound, images, interviews, website, documentary-style stories.  

Ellen Wadley’s submission for The new normal – stories from in-between, created using Adobe Photoshop.

Sylvio Abisha, Master of Design student and Adobe Digital Coach has been an avid user of Adobe software for years, and enjoys using the programs for study and for fun, creative projects.

‘I was inspired to become a coach, to not only learn more myself, but to help others skill-up too. For me, I love working collaboratively and making new friends from different disciplines and I think digital literacy is so important as tech is so prominent in our daily lives,’ says Sylvio.

Sylvio Abisha’s submission for The new normal – stories from in-between, created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

‘I think other students should get involved in this project. It’s a great opportunity for Swinburne students to connect and encourage one another and share what has been happening in our lives and what we learn during this pandemic,’ says Sylvio.

Julia Stella’s submission for The new normal – stories from in-between, created using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.


If you are a Swinburne student and would like to submit a digital story as part of The new normal – stories from in-between or would like to get in contact with the Adobe Digital Coaches, please reach out:

To access the support and resources from the Adobe Digital Coaches, Swinburne students and staff can access the Adobe Digital Hub

Instructions for Swinburne students and staff to download and use Adobe Creative Cloud are available online.


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