In Summary

  • New documentary examines diet and lifestyle of students
  • My Plate is Full is available to watch online now
  • Swinburne has services to advise and support students on budget and diet 

A new documentary produced by Swinburne Wellbeing puts students’ diets and lifestyles in focus. 

My Plate is Full follows four students, finding out what fuels them day-to-day, what worries them and what drives them forward towards their goals.


My Plate is Full was produced by Swinburne Wellbeing with support from the university.

One of the film’s subjects, Jen, a recent Diploma of Justice graduate shows how she tackles life, study, and eating nutritiously on a budget - all the while earning high distinctions.

While studying at Swinburne Jen made a two-hour journey from Kilmore, north of Melbourne, to the Swinburne campus in Hawthorn to make it to her classes on time.

The long commute never stopped her from cooking delicious and nutritious meals. Good nutrition has always been important to Jen, no matter her financial situation.

“Diet is everything…” Jen says.

“It makes somebody whole.”

Returning to study

As a mature aged student with a family, Jen used her resourcefulness to make ends meet – and she encourages other students doing it tough to do the same.

Jen sources her food from charity organisations due to a tight budget and she encourages those in similar situations to follow her lead.

 A still from My Plate is Full documentary.
Jen has used her resourcefulness to make ends meet while taking care of her family and herself. 

“I believe my classmates are very much on a similar level to me with my finances, managing money and managing food.”

Jen says her classmates shouldn’t be afraid to approach food banks to get the help they need.

“There are so many low budget options. People are quite friendly and quite giving at the food banks… and the stigma has started to reduce,” she says.

Supporting students

Beth Graham from the Housing & Financial Advice Service at Swinburne, says there are plenty of options for students who may be finding it hard to make ends meet.

“A Financial Adviser is available on each campus,” Ms Graham says.

“They can assist with Centrelink issues, budgeting advice, some loans and grants and a food bank for those times that a student is caught short.”

Watch it now

My Plate is Full also features the stories of a vegetarian who smokes, an athlete with insomnia and a gym-loving gamer who wants to take it all on.

To watch the full documentary, see: My Plate is Full

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My Plate is Full and supporting content was developed by Wellbeing at Swinburne in conjunction with the Marketing Recruitment and Channel Integration team, alongside Robyn Delbridge, Lecturer, Master of Dietetics.