In Summary

  • VTAC offers for Professional Degrees at Swinburne up more than 100 compared to 2018
  • Professional Degrees offer a paid work placement component 
  • New Swinburne courses in Criminology and Cybersecurity popular amongst Australian high school students

Degrees with a work placement have seen an uptake in this year’s Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) offers as students pursue study that will prepare them for the workforce. 

2019 VTAC university offers released today show that Swinburne’s suite of professional degrees has seen increased demand compared to 2018, with an increase of more than 100 offers.   

Professional degrees at Swinburne offer a unique opportunity for high-achieving students to enrol in a degree that incorporates a paid, full-time work placement as part of their studies. 

“The high-demand for Swinburne’s professional degrees shows that students are looking to courses that will give them real-life industry experience and prepare them for employment,” Swinburne Vice-President (Students) Dr Andrew Smith says. 

“Our professional degrees are just one way that Swinburne creates future-ready learners and gives our students a professional purpose, making sure they graduate with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need in an ever-changing workforce and world.” 

Looking to the future 

New Swinburne courses in criminology and cybersecurity were popular amongst Australian high school students as these continue to be growth employment areas, according to Dr Smith. 

“Cybersecurity particularly is an area that continues to see tremendous growth and Swinburne is ready to provide the training and skills that this burgeoning industry demands. As new cybersecurity challenges arise, our graduates will be ready to meet them head-on.” 

Swinburne satisfaction 

The 2019 VTAC offers follow Swinburne’s positive student satisfaction in 2018. 

Throughout the year Swinburne ranked in the top three Victorian universities for student satisfaction, according to data released by the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching. 

Swinburne undergraduate students positively rated their satisfaction with Overall Quality of Educational Experience at 81.7 per cent. The national average for this indicator was 79.3 per cent.