In Summary

  • Professor Jane Burry is the newly appointed Dean of the School of Design
  • An acclaimed architect she will help introduce new architecture courses at Swinburne
  • She has been involved with Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família Church 

Professor Jane Burry is bringing her architecture and design experience to Swinburne as the newly appointed Dean of the School of Design.

An acclaimed architect who has practised, taught and undertaken research around the world, Professor Burry will tackle new challenges at Swinburne including the introduction of new architecture courses. 

“As an architect by training and profession, I am delighted to be contributing to the introduction of the new architecture courses at Swinburne,” says Professor Burry.

She says the new courses will provide students with many opportunities to test their designs, and will open up the university to new practice and industry partners.

A wealth of experience

Joining Swinburne in early 2017, Professor Burry has been thrilled to be part of such a prestigious design school.

“It is a great privilege to step into Swinburne’s School of Design which has such a distinguished history and reputation for excellence in design education.”

Working as a project architect, Professor Burry has been involved in the technical office at Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona, one of the most famous symbols of Catalan culture and world architecture.

Sagrada Família Basilica

“I bring a road-tested commitment to working across disciplines and leveraging technology to innovate in design,” she says.

“My teaching and research experience has linked creative architectural design to advanced manufacturing and to creating more socially and environmentally responsive places that positively engage all the senses.”

Looking to the future

Professor Burry knows that future of design is complex and she believes that the greater influence of data, computation and automation will change the way we design, hopefully resulting in better approaches.

Designers will also continue defining their roles within organisations in regards to ever-changing needs, as the number of design disciplines continues to expand.

“Design will be much more present and influential in all areas of business, industry and services.

“I believe design will play a fundamental role in conserving our planet and enhancing the way we live in it,” says Professor Burry.