In Summary

  • Argentine delegation visit Swinburne for two weeks
  • Purpose of visit to improve relations and trade between two countries
  • More than fifteen delegates attend

A desire to promote bilateral engagement, trade and investment between Australia and Argentina has seen Swinburne University of Technology host a group of international delegates at its Hawthorn campus.

The visit, made possible through an Australia Awards Fellowship, provided Argentine public officials with training on institutional best practices that promote efficiency, competitiveness, productivity, transparency and sustainable economic development in Australia.

The delegation spent two weeks at Swinburne, also visiting Parliament house and completing a number of trips to meet with key industries including agriculture and mining. 

This project will address the gap in Argentina’s institutional framework of governing bodies that facilitate competitiveness and sustainable economic development.

A group from Argentina tour the Smart Structures lab

Alexis Esposto, Swinburne Senior Lecturer in Economics, says the delegation visit was productive.

“The Argentine politicians were exposed to the functioning of economic institutions such as the Productivity Commission.”

“The delegates were so impressed that a group of senators have decided to legislate to create a similar organisation in Argentina. This will promote economic development, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness so that Argentina can be a key player in the global economy.”

Dr Esposto also highlighted the research and teaching opportunities that exist and a group of senators will look into areas in which Swinburne University and the Argentine government can cooperate together in a variety of areas, including science and technology, design and the social sciences. 

About the program

The Australia Awards Fellowships offer Australian organisations the opportunity to deepen and broaden their links with leaders and professionals in developing countries. The Fellowship provides opportunities for Fellows to undertake study and professional development in Australia.

This develops capacity in Australia’s strategic emerging market partners and allows for the development of strong linkages between the private and public sectors of the countries involved.  

The Swinburne-run program was developed by Associate Professor Malcolm Abbott, Dr Alexis Esposto and  Dr Áron Perényi.