In Summary

  • First group of Master of Occupational Therapy students have begun classes
  • A refurbished teaching space will be used for a range of skills classes 

Swinburne has welcomed its first group of Master of Occupational Therapy students.

As part of a mid-year intake, the first cohort of students is now being taught in a newly refurbished teaching space at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus.

Course convener, Associate Professor Mary Kennedy-Jones, is excited to be in the renovated space and looks forward to taking advantage of it throughout the course.  

“We are confident that the teaching space is flexible and can be configured to meet our needs in the first year of the program,” Associate Professor Kennedy-Jones says.

Wheelchairs, beds, a toilet and a shower are part of the teaching space that will be used for range of skills classes

Group of occupational therapy students

“The students are very enthusiastic to be starting in the new occupational therapy program. Many have made a carefully considered decision to enrol in the course and have changed their career path. They appear to be committed to working hard and are using the space well.”

Seminars throughout the course will include presentations from a range of occupational therapy clinicians and health consumers.

A twenty-week professional placement program in community or inpatient settings, along with a project-based unit in the Swinburne Design Factory, are important components of the program

The Master of Occupational Therapy is a two-year program. Applicants who have completed a three year degree in any area of study are eligible to apply.