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Design Factory Melbourne

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Design Factory Melbourne is part of the Design Factory Global Network – a global network of universities offering innovative education, research and partnerships.

We bring together students, industry and researchers to co-create for extraordinary results. Our aim is to turn ideas into reality. We’re an exciting part of Swinburne’s strategic 2020 vision.

A Unique platform

Design Factory Melbourne offers students new learning experiences through interdisciplinary and international activities.

For organisations, governments and researchers we offer a platform to develop and deliver innovative solutions focused on real user needs.

Employment-ready skills

The projects offer students new and unique experiences, challenging team members to move outside of their comfort zone in order to create innovation and new thinking.

Over the course of a project, students gain valuable skills that can set them apart in the employment market, assisting with competencies such as:

  • interdisciplinary team work
  • communication and collaboration
  • project management
  • creative problem solving
  • client interaction.

Design Factory Global Network

The Design Factory Global Network includes:

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