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Design Factory Melbourne

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Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) is an education led research and development platform that bridges the gap between university and industry.

We work across a diverse range of sectors including health, agriculture, consumer goods, and fintech, developing real products, systems, and services to handover to industry for further research, development and implementation.

We create the conditions and mindset for innovation by bringing together students, industry and researchers to co-create for impactful outcomes. We conduct research and development at the forefont of the innovation pipeline, giving industry partners the insights they need to inform their strategic planning.

We’re an exciting part of Swinburne’s 2025 Strategic Plan.

A Unique platform

DFM offers students new learning experiences through interdisciplinary and international activities. We are the only institute in Australia connected to the Stanford University ME310, and Aalto PdP programs.

For organisations, governments and researchers, we offer a platform to explore and develop new products, services, and systems. DFM focuses on user centered design, meaning the proof of concept prototypes and research reports produced are targeted at real user needs. These actionable insights are invaluable for partners strategic planning.

Professionally competitive skills

Students learn skills and a mindset for innovation that industry desperately needs right now, setting our graduates apart. DFM students have gone on to work at organizations including Tesla, Studio Thick, Design+Industry, CobaltNiche, and City of Melbourne.

Over the course of a project, students gain valuable skills and competencies such as:

  • interdisciplinary team work
  • communication and collaboration
  • rapid prototyping
  • project management
  • creative problem solving
  • client interaction.

A global network for change

DFM is the only institute in Australia connected to the Design Factory Global Network. We leverage this network to gain access to leading methods, insights, and minds from 14 countries.

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