In Summary

  • Swinburne Law School partners with Leo Cussen Centre for Law
  • Seeking accreditation to fast track graduates into legal practice
  • Students will graduate with two qualifications

The Swinburne Law School is partnering with the Leo Cussen Centre for Law to offer an integrated course that will enable Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students to be admitted to legal practice on the day they graduate.

Through the partnership with Leo Cussen, an independent not-for-profit centre of excellence for practical legal training, Swinburne is currently seeking accreditation to speed its LLB graduates directly into the profession.

“Integrating the Swinburne LLB with the Leo Cussen course will make a huge difference to our law students,” says Dean of Swinburne Law School, Professor Dan Hunter.

Many students who undertake a Bachelor of Laws aim to be admitted to practice. These graduates are typically required to complete an additional four to six month course of practical legal training after they complete their LLB.

The partnership will offer students a combined program, providing a direct and integrated pathway from the Swinburne LLB into the Leo Cussen Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) during the final year of the Swinburne degree.

This will allow students to cut months off the time it takes to become a lawyer, and ultimately graduate with both qualifications at the same time.

“Swinburne is the only Victorian law school to offer this option, making our students career-ready the day they graduate. Another example of the Swinburne Advantage,” says Professor Hunter.

The Swinburne Advantage offers students authentic workplace experiences. It’s an opportunity for students to work on real industry projects, solve day-to-day challenges and gain the professional skills that put knowledge into practice. 

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