As soon as I decided to study Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Computer Science, I was laser-focused on choosing a university which would best place me in a position to lead in the workplace. Swinburne attracted me with its focus on commercial law, and in particular the specialisation in intellectual property law, which I knew was a growth industry.

As I looked more into it, the small class sizes and ability to get to know the lecturers also really appealed to me. As someone who likes making the most of the opportunities presented to them, Swinburne Law School seemed like a great place to try everything out. 

Since 2017, I have been working at CIE Legal – initially focusing on legal technology projects (document automation, legal chatbots) and since then moving more into general legal work. My work mainly involves research, assisting in drafting documents and briefs to counsel, and liaising with clients.

In February 2019, I spent a month on internship in an Indonesian law firm in Jakarta, which was entirely in Indonesian. I worked in their commercial team, which culminated in me attending an employment mediation. In November 2020, I also did a summer clerkship with Herbert Smith Freehills in their Technology, Media, and Telecommunications team. 

Elliott completed his internship as a paralegal at CIE Legal.

As another part of my work integrated learning experience, I also completed a capstone subject building an online cybersecurity training platform for high-level executives with CSIRO Data61. It was great to work with leaders in the field of cybersecurity and research, and a great way to hone my skills in software engineering and development.

We met virtually with them every week and were in constant email communication. The most interesting thing about the project was working in a team with my fellow students – we were all learning about software development together and it was quite an experience!

Certainly, the biggest opportunity I have gotten out of my time at Swinburne is my involvement in internet governance. I was first introduced to this through the Law School as a way to merge both law and computer science. Since then, exploring internet policy and decision-making has sent me around the world from Japan to Korea, Germany and Romania. It has certainly allowed me to build my professional profile by introducing me to new people and learning new things. 

  • "As a final note, not all universities are created equal. Swinburne sets itself apart with its focus on students and practical skills."

    Elliott , Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Computer Science

The focus on practical legal skills (drafting documents, dealing with case studies) has been very useful during my placements and current work. It was great having live tutorials with teachers – being able to actually have a conversation was much appreciated! The small classes were a great help – the lecturers knew how to keep you engaged and keep the learnings grounded.

My involvement in mooting (mock court hearings), internet governance and international experiences has also really added to my learning experience and understanding. Whether it be document automation, enhanced decision making or computer literacy skills, Swinburne has certainly given me a head start on these skills.

As a final note, not all universities are created equal. Swinburne sets itself apart with its focus on students and practical skills.

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