Key information

Partner Institution: ESSCA School of Management

Location: Multiple campuses in France including Paris, Aix-en-Provence or Bordeaux; or Budapest, Hungary

Dates: Dates vary depending on the campus you select

  • Paris: 16 June - 6 July 2024
  • Aix-en-Provence or Bordeaux: 16 June - 13 July 2024
  • Budapest: 24 June - 19 July 2024

Costs: Fees vary depending on the program you choose (more information can be found below)


  • A$1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants available
  • $7,348 OS-HELP Loans available for eligible students

Application deadline: 17 March 2024


Escape the winter cold in Melbourne and head to Europe for 3  to 4 weeks during your break, as you study at one of our partner universities, ESSCA School of Management. You'll have the option to choose courses from one of their four campuses located in France or Hungary. 

Each campus offers different courses and themes, however all courses will offer you a unique experience as you learn and discover the incredible cultural aspects and cities in Europe. Classes are taught in English and you will earn academic credit towards your Swinburne degree as each course will take you on an interesting academic journey, with activities and trips designed to take you far beyond what any tourist could experience. 

Courses offered

Choose between the following programs (campuses). Each course includes two modules during the 3-4 weeks:

Paris, France

This program offers courses on the themes of luxury and management in one of the world’s most vibrant city. Designed for undergraduate business students, classes will be complemented by some visits to the Yves Saint Laurent museum, the Louvre or on a boat trip on the Seine. 

  • Luxury Branding in Paris; or
  • Cross-cultural Management and Leadership

Aix-en-Provence, France

Explore the vibrant culture and festivals of the South of France, where over 1000 cultural events shape the region's identity year-round. Learn how these events resemble business organisations and examine their unique characteristics. You will also dive into the world of French wine, understanding the historical and global influence of French wine, as France is the third-largest wine producer globally.

  • Managing Cultural Events & Taking on Challenges in the Wine Industry

Bordeaux, France

Immerse yourself in Bordeaux's charm and excellence, a vintage city. One course explores France's wine industry leadership with contemporary trends and consumer expectations; the other course allows you to explore the city's vibrant luxury sector, including fine dining, Michelin-starred venues, top hotels, and cultural hubs, all complemented by the rejuvenated riverfront. 

  • Bordeaux Wines and Food Tourism; or
  • Luxury and Hospitality

Budapest, Hungary

This program is open to graduate business students and includes company visits and cultural tours throughout Hungary.  Delve into the dynamic world of business and leadership with the first course, which explores the economic opportunities between the EU and Asian countries. This course will provide a holistic view of business, leadership, and ethics in our ever-changing world. The second course will uncover a harmonious blend of international marketing, leadership, and self-discovery.

  • Business Management; or 
  • International Business and Leadership

Eligibility criteria

To apply for this program, students must:

  • be enrolled into an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree
  • meet the overseas exchange program eligibility requirements
  • meet any pre-requisites listed by the host institution and for the courses you choose

Academic credit

Each course (module) within the programs are worth 6 ECTS each. Completion of two courses will earn 12 ECTS.

You are able to take this program as credit for two of your elective units. Alternatively, you may be able to use core units for this program, subject to approval from your Course Director.

Credit equivalence

6 ECTS = 12.5 CP (1 unit) at Swinburne

12 ECTS = 25 CP (2 units) at Swinburne


Program cost varies depending on the program you choose

Paris: 1900€ - 2400€ (approx. A$3,000 - A$4,000)

Aix-en-Provence: 2900€ (approx. A$4,800)

Bordeaux: 2400€ (approx. A$4,000)

Budapest: 55€ (approx. A$90)

This program cost is paid to the host institution and may include the following:

  • Administration fee
  • Accommodation (all programs except Budapest offer housing)
  • Course materials 
  • Welcome and farewell social events (most programs)
  • Extra-curriculum cultural activities and field trips/company visits depending on availabilities and weather (castle, museum, walking tour, etc.)
  • Tourist tax (not all programs)
  • Public transport support card (not all programs)

The host university has further information on their website. 

Note: Tuition fees to the host university are waived for students completing a short-term exchange program at one of our partner universities. You will continue to pay your regular tuition fees to Swinburne while you are on the program.

There may be other program costs incurred outside of tuition fees, including living expenses, airfares, and visas (if applicable). 

City of Bordeaux in France, one of the most beautiful cities.

More information about ESSCA School of Management

Visit ESSCA's website for more information on their short-term Summer program and the courses offered.


Funding your overseas journey may be easier than you think

Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants

This program has A$1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants available.

This grant can help offset travel and living expenses for your overseas internship and are available to both Domestic and International UG or PG students. Students can apply for a grant as part of the application process.


Eligible Australian students can also apply for an Australian Government OS-HELP Loan of up to A$8,817 (depending on your program destination) to help cover costs associated with your overseas program.

For more information on funding and eligibility see Fee Help and Scholarships.


Students must first apply to Swinburne Abroad following the short-term exchange application process. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Final application deadline: 17 March 2024
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