Doing industry experience as part of your degree is more than running around keeping co-workers caffeinated or doing random tasks, like picking up Prozac for your boss’s pet.

With your bachelor degree at Swinburne, the industry experience is real. Like, really real.

Meet Rachel, Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours) student, as she’s thrown in the deep end during her industry experience at ACMI.

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And see how Swinburne gives you more for your ATAR with real industry experience, state-of-the-art learning, and meaningful community and care.

Rachel is tasked with digitising some very rare (read: precious) footage of Swanston Street parades from 1950s Melbourne (yes, on her first day). If she makes a mistake, the footage could be lost forever.

No pressure or anything.

Will Rachel sink or swim?

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  • "Seeing the work I did, it’s just such a rewarding experience. I can’t wait to put that learning back into my course."

    Rachel , Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours) student

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