There are many marvellous things you can expect at Swinburne (when the good times return), from crazy-good student perks to little-known neighbourhood haunts. Don your detective’s monocle and see if you can decipher fact from fiction. 

In the same year, this radical woman also established Australia’s first technical school for girls so that they could “earn their own livelihood.”

Fact (well, 50% fact). Ethel didn’t coin the term mansplaining, but she’s the kind of character who would have. She did establish Australia’s first technical school for girls, and her husband George was part of the suffragette movement. So it’s fair to say Swinburne has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and equal rights.

The books and librarians are wheeled out. Smoke machines, decks and speakers are wheeled in, and the party rages ‘til dawn.

Fiction (unfortunately) but it’s got us thinking… Seriously though, if you do have the urge/need to pull an all-nighter (of the study variety), our Latelabs are open for you 24/7. 

After a competitive tendering process with Caulfield, Glenferrie Station was chosen to run a pilot project on the world’s fastest-ever high-speed train. From February 2020, you’ll be able to hurtle from the CBD to Glenferrie Station at 320 km/h.

Fiction. Though Glenferrie Station is located right on campus. And at just a 10-minute ride from the CBD, you might feel like you’re on a bullet train. 

Upon completing your enrolment, you’ll receive a voucher for as much Mi Goreng as you can handle, delivered by carrier pigeon.

Not true. The carrier pigeon gave it away, didn’t it? Whilst we can’t offer a never-ending supply of packet noodles, if you’re struggling financially, we can provide grants and scholarships to help you out.

Swinburne students get free use of the indoor and outdoor pools at Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Much better for your health than Mi Goreng.

Believe it. There’s nothing more to say here. Go forth, dive in. 

Ready to make a change in 2024?

No matter where your interests lie — from trades to degrees, business to design — there's a course at Swinburne for you. Stop saying next year and start at Swinburne in Semester 1.

With a record 2.4 tonnes of consumed kernels, Swinburne students pipped their Malaysian counterparts at the annual Popcorn Eating Championships. Little wonder. With discounted movie tickets at Lido Cinemas on Wednesdays, they get more money for popcorn.

The only part that’s true is about the discounted movie tickets. Just flash your student ID for $8 tickets before 4pm on a Wednesday. Discover more ways we can help you save money.

Melbourne’s home of the hipster, coffee aficionado, and four seasons in a day. But it’s also home to one of the biggest fault lines in the world: the Salyaw Fault. Yep, Melbourne, quite literally, is THE city for movers and shakers.

There’s no fault line here, but we do have a machine in our Smart Structures Lab that simulates earthquakes. It was used to test structures in the wake of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, so that better, safer structures could be developed.

In the summer of ’92 Nirvana played an intimate gig at Nevermind bar, near the corner of Burwood and Glenferrie roads. Look closely at the bathroom doors ­– you might spot Kurt Cobain’s scrawled expletive scratched into the wood.

Fiction. Though Chet Faker used to DJ here and you’ll also find $16 jugs and trivia under their roof. Still pretty impressive.

Glenferrie Gourmet Meats has a secret menu of hot food that they’ll prepare fresh. It’s like a home-cooked meal with the family, except the only thing getting grilled is whatever meat your heart (or stomach) desires.

True. Though it’s not really a secret now, is it?! They’ll also give you a student discount. Vego? Mr and Mrs Bahn Mi have options from $8.50.

Wear the same Hawaiian shirt to every lecture, upload your selfies to Swinburne’s Insta and we’ll take you to… Yep, you guessed it: Hawaii.

Alright, so this one’s kind of a stretch. While we can’t sponsor your Hawaiian holiday, if you’re into stars, you’ll be into the fact that our astronomers can control the telescopes of the Keck Observatory (in Hawaii) from right here in Hawthorn. Dazzling but TRUE! 

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