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At Swinburne, we care deeply about nurturing the next generation of health practitioners. Our Master of Dietetics and Nutrition courses are designed to set you up for success.

We have deliberately made our class sizes smaller to offer you hands-on learning and greater support from our expert teaching staff, so you can experience amazing personal development. A huge component of any Swinburne degree is industry connection and we have established partnerships with respected practitioners and businesses to ensure you can undertake relevant professional placements throughout your degree. The idea is that when you graduate, you’re confident and job-ready to enter the workforce as a dietician in one of many different areas.

The main course

Food is fuel for humans. What we eat quite literally shapes us - and our community. By educating people about the importance of what they put into their bodies, you get to help everyone from hospital patients to elite athletes embrace a healthier lifestyle.

So if our Master of Dietetics piques your interest, we think you’ll be further tempted by our unique, research-based approach. You’ll get to work with our superstar academics and likeminded students, enjoy MasterChef-type learning challenges, investigate and analyse a range of food products, consult with clients in lifelike simulations (we have two-way mirrors for feedback purposes) as well as conduct (and participate in) regular sensory taste tests via our mobile food testing stations where you’ll experience taste, texture and smell individually.

There are several ways you can work towards entering our Master of Dietetics course. Nutrition is one of them. It’s a key component of dietetics because it touches on every aspect of our lives; so during your requisite bachelor years, you can make nutrition your major in your health science degree. You can even pair it with business or media and communication to earn a double degree. What this all really means is that by the time you start our Master of Dietetics, you’re already immersed in the area you’d like to specialise in.

Once you receive your qualification as a dietitian, some of the rewarding careers you can enter include clinical practice, sport and fitness, aged care, product marketing, public health, food sustainability or research settings.

What’s your main course going to be? 

The Future of Dietetics

Hear what Swinburne Master of Dietetics students say about their course.

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