Thu 18 February
Innovation Technology Sustainability Built Environment and Architecture

Workshop: It’s Time: Transitioning onto a Smarter Campus


Thu 18 February
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Presented by the Smart Cities Research Institute

We invite you to join us for workshop 3 of the Smart Campus series.

In this session we will focus on contributions that individuals can make in establishing transdisciplinary research opportunities around a smarter, sustainable campus, as we transition back to a campus operating under the “new normal”.

To recap, workshop 1 (June 2020) featured a brainstorming session, producing ideas on key issues and shovel-ready projects for transforming Swinburne into a Smart Campus Living Lab. In workshop 2 (July 2020), participants used the key issues to discuss and co-design plans for making the campus smart. As a result, the following four areas of focus emerged: Safe Campus, Digital Campus, Zero Emissions, and Placemaking. 

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • The four focus areas (Safe Campus, Digital Campus, Zero Emissions, and Placemaking)
  • Where the collective quest for Hawthorn campus as a living lab is headed in 2021
  • Swinburne’s planned rooftop living laboratory
  • The latest in sustainable transport options

Attendees will then participate in activities to discuss and cooperatively design on-the-ground actions that the Swinburne community can take to reshape and reinvigorate our drive toward a smart campus.

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