Leadership and volunteering benefits

Most students volunteer for the pleasure of knowing they have helped a good cause. But volunteering and leadership activities are also an effective way of boosting your résumé and to make new friends. Swinburne also recognises those people who give up their time with rewards that can make them more employable.

Increase your employability

The Leadership and Volunteering program is excellent preparation for your career. It adds substance to your résumé and may be the one thing that puts you ahead of rival job candidates.


  • strengthens your teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills
  • provides work- or industry-related work experience
  • offers the opportunity to build your professional network
  • highlights your initiative, motivation and enthusiasm to employers
  • prepares you for leadership roles.

Rewards and recognition

Free accredited training

As you accrue leadership and volunteering hours, you earn access to training that will increase your employability:

  • 15 hours: free training, including nationally accredited certificates in Food Handling and non-accredited training such as Barista Course (Level 1 & 2) and Professional Waiter Course.
  • 25 hours: free training, including accredited certificates in Victorian Responsible Service of Alcohol.
  • 40 hours: free training, including Leadership Developing Training and nationally accredited certificates in First Aid Training (Level 1), access to the Emerging Leaders Program, and a certificate for your contribution in the Leadership and Volunteering Program.
  • 100 hours: an invitation to the Swinburne Student Life Awards Ceremony at the end of the year, where you will receive a certificate for your contribution in the Leadership and Volunteering Program.

Personal references

If you accrue over 15 volunteer hours, we can provide reference letters confirming your volunteering efforts through the program.

How to log your volunteer hours

Download the log sheet below, fill it in and get your supervisor to sign it. Then email it to volunteer@swinburne.edu.au.