Emerging Leaders Program

Recognise the valuable skills you've learnt during your time at university and become a Swinburne Emerging Leader.

Employers are looking for more than just good grades in graduates. They want skills like team-work, leadership and the ability to adapt.

Through the Emerging Leaders Program, you identify skills you have developed during your time at university. This might include a part-time job, volunteer work, participation in a club or society or overseas study tour. The program translates these experiences into skills that employers are looking for.

By participating in the program you will:

  • have your skills formally recognised on your final academic transcript
  • learn how to confidently communicate your skills to employers in interviews
  • improve your employability and stand out from other graduates.

How it works

To participate in the Swinburne Emerging Leaders Program you need to: 

  1. register your details
  1. register for a leadership category and related skill(s).
    To become a Swinburne Emerging Leader, you must complete the mandatory Career Development category and three other leadership categories.
  2. download the Activity Declaration Form under the Resources section.
    List the activities you complete for each leadership category on the form, then get the supervisor of your leadership category to complete it. Next, upload the completed form to your activity log.
  3. complete a STAR reflection for each skill you submit, demonstrating how you have used that skill in the activity.
  4. submit

You can register for leadership categories at any time while you are a Swinburne student. You can count activities completed up to 24 months prior to applying for a category, provided you were a Swinburne student at the time.

There is no fee to join the program. Once complete, your achievements will be listed on your final academic transcript at graduation.

Swinburne Sarawak students should log in to the Sarawak portal once they have registered.

Leadership categories and skills

How we assess your application

We assess your application for each category to ensure that:

  1. your activities meet the requirements of the specific category
  2. you have used the STAR format to reflect on your development in at least one of the skill categories
  3. you receive no more than two "disagree" or one "strongly disagree" ratings on the assessment checklist for one or more of your STAR reflections for the particular category.

We’ll advise you of the results by email. If you haven’t met the criteria, you can resubmit your application within 2 weeks. We encourage you to contact us for help, as you're only allowed one resubmission per category.


Submit your Leadership category applications before you complete your course to ensure your Emerging Leader program achievements appear on your academic transcript at the time of your graduation.

Academic transcripts will be updated at the end of Semesters 1 & 2 and all Emerging Leader achievements submitted by the dates below will be recognised.

  • Semester 1: 11.55pm, 31 May 2020
  • Semester 2: 11.55pm, 1 November 2020

Information sessions 

Register to attend an Emerging Leader Information Session. These are conducted regularly, both on campus and as online webinars, and will cover the following areas:

  • What the Emerging Leaders Program is
  • Who can apply for the program
  • What you can achieve from the program
  • The application proces
  • How to become an Emerging Leader


Come along to a STAR workshop for support and advice in aligning your Emerging Leader experiences to your skills and writing your STAR responses.

  • Bring your draft STAR responses or ideas and get feedback and suggestions for how to structure your STAR responses effectively
  • Proof-read your responses and share with your peers for further advice

Contact us

If you need help with your Emerging Leader Program application, please contact us at emerging-leader@swin.edu.au or join one of our Emerging Leader Information Sessions (on campus or webinar).