Studying astronomy at Swinburne lets you to see far beyond the telescope. Through our astronomy courses you’ll learn the practical applications of astrophysics, from GPS technology to medical imaging, to understanding the very foundations of our universe.

At Swinburne, we offer astronomy and astrophysics degrees that will teach you astronomy at a beginner’s level, right through to understanding the cornerstones of space science. You’ll also have access to equipment that is second to none, including our Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing - the largest astronomical research group in Victoria.

Our astronomers have stellar international networks, so when you study our astrophysics courses, you’ll graduate with the combined experience of generations before you.

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  • Image with earth being surrounded by hundreds of white dots, representing satellites and other space junk
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    Space is getting crowded with satellites and space junk. How do we avoid collisions?

    Reports this week suggest a near-collision between an Australian satellite and a suspected Chinese military satellite. Meanwhile, earlier this month, the US government issued the first ever space junk fine. The Federal Communications Commission handed a US$150,000 penalty to the DISH Network, a publicly traded company providing satellite TV services.

    Friday 20 October 2023

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