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The largest psychology clinic in Australia*

 Healthcare industry will grow 14.9% over the next five years#

#1 in Melbourne for graduate salary

*Swinburne Psychology Clinic
#Department of Jobs and Small Business-Industry Projections Science

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Psychology is more than an understanding of the mind, it requires you to provide helpful strategies.

Our psychology courses give you the skills to understand, predict, and explain human behaviour. They’ll prepare you to make lives better.

You’ll be able to gain APAC accreditation upon graduating with a psychology degree from Swinburne.

Whether you move into clinical practice, counselling, HR or another industry, society will always need people who understand people.

Browse our TAFE and APAC accredited undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses from our study disciplines to find detailed course information, application dates, psychology ATAR scores, fees, entry requirements and more.

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    How to become a professional psychologist

    At Swinburne, we offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate psychology degrees that are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

    Our APAC-accredited degrees support the path to becoming a fully registered psychologist, as determined by the Psychology Board of Australia.

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Real-world experiences

Discover how Swinburne graduates Kerry and Deborah made the most of opportunities to gain work experience before completing their degrees. Now, they’re both making a difference in the world by taking their studies in psychology in two different directions.


    Swinburne Psychology Clinic

    Swinburne Psychology Clinic is the largest university psychology clinic in Australia. The clinic allows students undertaking postgraduate studies in clinical or counselling psychology to gain valuable experience, training and clinical skills needed to work independently.

  • Crowd of people walking around, some are blurry with a long shutter speed effect
    • Politics

    What does the ‘common good’ actually mean? Our research found common ground across the political divide

    Some topics are hard to define. They are nebulous; their meanings are elusive. Topics relating to morality fit this description. So do those that are subjective, meaning different things to different people in different contexts. In our recently published paper, we targeted the nebulous concept of the “common good”.

    Tuesday 23 January 2024
  • When people don’t have enough sleep, their memory and concentration are impaired in the short term. They are also less able to regulate their emotions. Shutterstock
    • Science
    • Health

    Insomnia and mental disorders are linked. But exactly how is still a mystery

    The 2004 movie The Machinist gives us a striking depiction, albeit a fictional one, of the psychological effects of chronic insomnia. When people don’t have enough sleep, their memory and concentration are impaired in the short term. They are also less able to regulate their emotions.

    Friday 20 October 2023