Fast-track your Practical Legal Training

Dual award: Swinburne law degree + Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Leo Cussen)

As a Swinburne law student, you’ll be eligible to be admitted into legal practice on the day you graduate.

How? Our law degrees are structured to give you the option of enrolling in a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice during the final year of your studies.

This can shave six months, or even a year off your studies.

Note: The dual award program is available with any Swinburne single or double laws (LLB) degree.

What is Practical Legal Training?

Practical Legal Training is something all budding lawyers must do before becoming a practising lawyer. It can be completed through an accredited course, like the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice through the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, or through supervised legal training.

Swinburne law students are the only students in Victoria who are eligible to be admitted to legal practice on the day they graduate. 

If you choose to take part in our dual award program, you’ll complete your Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the independent, not-for-profit, Leo Cussen Centre for Law. The centre is widely recognised for their practical legal training course, the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

People intending to become lawyers normally enrol in this program after they’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Swinburne students are allowed to complete the program in their final year of study.

Apply now

The dual award is available to students* studying any single or double laws degree (LLB) at Swinburne. You just need to complete all the Priestley 11 units in your LLB prior to enrolling in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Apply for the Swinburne Practical Legal Training course at the Leo Cussen Centre for Law and select the ‘Swinburne’ option.

For enrolment and course structure advice relevant to your needs, book an appointment with one of our course advisers.

*International students

If you’re an international student interested in studying the dual award, you should check the terms and conditions of your visa to confirm eligibility. For further information about options for international students, contact

Further Information

Download the Bachelor of Laws + Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice flyer

You can find more information about the Victorian Legal Admissions Board and the Leo Cussen Centre for Law on their websites.

  • "The course gave me an advantage over my peers from other universities. I learnt through theory and practical examples. I learned from incredibly passionate academics in an intimate learning environment."

    Mario , Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business student

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