Our mechanical engineering courses provide a foundation in practical physics. You’ll learn how to use the physics of forces, heat, fluids, and energy, and combine these with the study of advanced materials to make things that move to help society grow and prosper.

Discover the mechanical engineering theory and practice behind designs for renewable energy, medical implant and vehicle safety devices. The project management training you’ll receive will give you the experience to bring your new knowledge into practice. 

With this experience, you will enter the workforce confident that you have the technical foundations you need to bring innovative and groundbreaking designs to the world. Browse our courses to find detailed course information, application dates, entry requirements, fees, subjects, ATAR calculator and more. 

Browse our Mechanical Engineering courses

  • View of robotic arm and other machinery at CSIRO Industry 4.0 Testlab Clayton

    How to become an engineer

    Your step-by-step guide on how to become an engineer at Swinburne, including courses, specialisations, work experience, industry memberships and networking.
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How to engineer yourself a spot on a racing team

Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne

Mechanical engineering degrees are an opportunity to explore the design of technology with physical motion.  Join Team Swinburne as they go beyond the classroom and design build and test an electric race care.  Hear from staff and students about opportunities to work with industry and apply what you’ve learned.

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