Our university fees for international students change based on your course type and field of study.

Some general information you need to know regarding fees:

  • Each course has either a total fee or an annual fee. If a course fee is listed as ‘total’, this is the full amount you will pay for your international tuition fees.
  • If the fee is listed as ‘annual’, this is the fee you must pay each year of the course. 
  • If you’re an international student, you can’t apply for a Commonwealth Supported Place.

For indicative course fees by your chosen study area, select your study type from the list below.

Study area Indicative course fee*
Arts and social sciences A$26,190 total

A$26,190 total


A$27,780 total

Science and engineering

A$27,780 total

Study area Indicative course fee*
Arts and communication

A$29,680 total


A$29,680 total


A$30,740 total


A$32,860 total

Health science

A$32,860 total

Information and communication technologies

A$30,200 total


A$32,860 total

Study area Course type Duration

Indicative course fee*

Business and management   Certificate 6 months

A$10,270 total

Diploma 6 months

A$10,270 total

Engineering  Advanced diploma 2 years

A$20,260 annual

Health and community services Certificate 9 months A$18,100 total
Diploma 1 year A$18,100 total
Science Certificate 1 year A$18,780 annual
Diploma 1 year A$18,780 annual
Study area Course type Indicative course fee*
Arts and social sciences Bachelor degree A$31,000 annual
Aviation Bachelor degree See course search
Business and management  Bachelor degree A$36,900 annual
Design  Bachelor degree A$35,640–A$37,200 annual
Education Bachelor degree A$29,400–A$32,160 annual
Engineering Bachelor degree A$40,600 annual
Film and television Bachelor degree A$38,960 annual
Games and interactivity Bachelor degree A$35,160 annual
Health sciences and community care Bachelor degree A$35,960–A$37,400 annual
Information and communication technologies  Bachelor degree

A$35,160 annual

Law Bachelor degree A$31,000–A$37,000 annual
Media and communications Bachelor degree A$33,290 annual
Psychology Bachelor degree A$37,520–A$42,180 annual
Science Bachelor degree A$38,160 annual
Study area Course type Indicative course fee*
Business and management    Master A$40,200 annual
Graduate diploma A$40,200 annual
Graduate certificate A$20,100 total
Design  Master A$35,520–A$39,120 annual
Graduate diploma A$35,520 total
Graduate certificate A$17,760–A$19,560 total
Engineering   Master A$40,600–A$44,320 annual
Graduate diploma N/A
Graduate certificate A$20,300 total
Health Master A$41,200–A$47,790 annual
Information and communication technologies    Master A$28,200–A$37,600 annual
Graduate diploma A$37,600 annual
Graduate certificate A$37,600 total
Media and communications   Master A$33,720 annual
Graduate diploma N/A
Graduate certificate A$16,860 total
Science   Master A$39,600 annual
Graduate diploma A$39,600 total
Graduate certificate N/A
Study area Indicative course fee*
Arts and social sciences A$32,960 annual
Business and management A$35,400 annual
Design A$33,280 annual
Engineering A$39,960 annual
Information and communications technology A$40,400 annual
Health A$39,960 annual
Psychology A$37,800 annual
Science A$39,960 annual

*Indicative 2023 course fee, based on a standard full-time study load per year. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted. For exact fees for your course, view the ‘Fees’ section on the course page.

Do you need a refund on your fees?

In order to be eligible for a refund of your international student fees you must meet the criteria and provide sufficient documentation. If you’re eligible for a refund, any outstanding fines, debts or administration fees will be deducted from your refund.

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Need an extension on your student fee payment date?

If you’re a continuing international student and your financial position has been negatively affected by circumstances beyond your control, you may apply for an extension to your student fee payment date.

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