This unit develops the student’s understanding of the foundational concepts of BIM by demonstrating them with BIM capable software tools. Focus is placed on the model authoring in the design phase, and activities focussed on technical tasks including how models and data are combined, sorted and analysed. BIM terminology, organisational frameworks and hierarchies are also clearly illustrated. Whilst combining their discovery of BIM Uses and their practical application, the students will realise the imperative for the management of the individual and collaborative workplace, and clearly stated project objectives in the absence of an informed client.


Teaching Periods
Start and end dates
Last self-enrolment date
Census date
Last withdraw without fail date
Results released date
Semester 1
Start and end dates
Last self-enrolment date
Census date
Last withdraw without fail date
Results released date

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  • Create and modify the BIM model and associated data within BIM authoring software in an experimental environment.
  • Create, manage and make queries on the information associated with BIM objects for specific purposes/outputs described by foundation BIM Uses, including an introduction to cost analysis (5D)
  • Collaborate with a team to combine individual models and data to create an overall dataset for further investigation and application of foundation BIM Uses
  • Identify the BIM Uses most common to Australian industry and a workplace context and prepare clear instructions on how they perform on a construction/infrastructure project
  • Create a plan that describes the 'best benefit' for the workplace, including the collaboration elements required, that can be applied to a typical project in the absence of clear objectives or instructions from a client or facilities manager

Teaching methods


Type Hours per week Number of weeks Total (number of hours)
Specified Learning Activities (Phasing out)
24.00 1 week 24
Face to Face Contact (Phasing out)
16.00 Daily (2 times) 32
Unspecified Learning Activities (Phasing out)
Individual Study
54.00 1 week 54
Directed Online Learning and Independent Learning
40.00 1 week 40


Type Task Weighting ULO's
AssignmentGroup 40 - 60% 1,2,3 
PortfolioIndividual 30 - 40% 
PresentationIndividual 10 - 20% 


As the minimum requirements of assessment to pass a unit and meet all ULOs to a minimum standard, an undergraduate student must have achieved:

  • An aggregate mark for the unit of 50% or more, including
  • At least 35% of the possible final marks for each Major Assessment Component (any assessment worth 20% or more)
  • At least 45% in the final exam


Students who do not achieve at least 35% of the possible final marks for each Major Assessment Component and at least 45% for the final exam (if applicable), will receive a maximum of 44% as the total mark for the unit and will not be eligible for a conceded pass. 
The Major Assessment Components in this unit are the Online Activities (combined grade), Computer Lab Reports (combined grade) and the Exam. 


  • Object-oriented modelling basics
  • Information management and query basics
  • Cost analysis
  • BIM Uses according to ABAF
  • Workplace investigation

Study resources

Reading materials

A list of reading materials and/or required textbooks will be available in the Unit Outline on Canvas.