This unit introduces students to a methodology using design activity in a process of knowledge directed enquiry. Design practice can be contextualised as a critical framework where questions are posed, and solutions are sought through ‘making’. Students will create interventions where thinking and inquiry occur through design practice. Reflections on these interventions are explored within social, cultural and technological contexts.

Teaching periods
Start and end dates
Last self-enrolment date
Census date
Last withdraw without fail date
Results released date
Semester 1
Start and end dates
Last self-enrolment date
Census date
Last withdraw without fail date
Results released date

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  • Implement strategies and methods of practice-based enquiry to investigate what can be learnt through design activity
  • Construct prototypes in connection with other research methods as a means of gaining new knowledge
  • Synthesise multiple insights from direct design interventions
  • Critically evaluate design prototype/s through testing methods and conclude with recommendations for further development
  • Articulate the design process, the design interventions and research findings through well-structured documentation, design outcome and presentations

Teaching methods


Type Hours per week Number of weeks Total (number of hours)
Face to Face Contact (Phasing out)
6.00 12 weeks 72
Specified Learning Activities (Phasing out)
10.00 12 weeks 120
Unspecified Learning Activities (Phasing out)
Individual Study
9.00 12 weeks 108


Type Task Weighting ULO's
Project and PresentationIndividual 30% 1,5 
Proposal and PrototypeIndividual/Group 30% 1,2,3,4 
ReportIndividual/Group 40% 1,5 


  • Develop a design-led project that relies on research
  • Analysis and critique of personal and professional design practice
  • Create frameworks to aid analysis
  • Design-led technological exploration
  • Conduct design research through a practice-based scenario and generate a design proposal
  • Use a range of analytical, research and design skills to facilitate the articulation of a design project
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of designs through consultation, prototype creation and practical tests

Study resources

Reading materials

A list of reading materials and/or required textbooks will be available in the Unit Outline on Canvas.