Grow faster with bespoke learning solutions

Swinburne Edge's Learning Design and Innovation (LDI) team helps to implement an organisation's vision for the future – faster – with tailored end-to-end learning solutions.

What’s instructional design?

It provides the framework and teaching methodologies for a rich, modern learning experience that: 

  • reflects your organisation’s values

  • meets your learning and development objectives

  • inspires and equips your people to make an impact with new skills and knowledge. 

Our experienced instructional design team can create effective learning solutions for face-to-face training, eLearning and blended delivery formats. 

Why choose Swinburne?

Innovative approach

We bring an innovative approach to every project.

Agile, responsive and collaborative

We work with you to create learning solutions that deliver on expectations and are always fit-for-purpose.

Latest industry techniques

We use best-practice learning design techniques, sound educational pedagogy, and the latest technology.

We can work with you to create: 

  • comprehensive training packages and courseware with supporting materials (learner guides, facilitator guides, workbooks, assessment guides and PowerPoint slides)
  • storyboarding and course outlines
  • quality control processes to meet compliance requirements for your department or industry
  • eLearning modules and digital courses for any learning management system (LMS) using innovative techniques to enhance the learning experience and optimise knowledge retention
  • custom packages to meet your unique learning and training needs.

Our areas of expertise

Instructional design

We design engaging and innovative training courses, using the latest instructional design principles.

Delivery can be online, face-to-face and blended delivery.

Our learning and instructional designers can collaborate with your organisation to create world-class learning experiences.

Curriculum development and high-level design

Meet future skills gaps at scale with curriculum tailored to your organisation.

We can recommend solutions – large and small – to meet your budget and unique needs.

Talk to us about your learning and development objectives to get started.

Educational materials

We develop courseware and educational materials for every delivery mode. 

Collaborating with your organisation and subject matter experts, we create clear, effective learning content that maximises learner interest, engagement and recall. 

Dive deeper into content production.

Assessment design

Assessments allow you to consolidate your learners’ knowledge and optimise their ability to apply what they’ve learned.

Our specialists can design meaningful assessments – from question lists to real-world scenarios and problems.

Our process

To ensure your product meets expectations, we use industry-leading educational pedagogy and collaborative models to develop solutions.

  • Step 1: Analyse

    We ask questions to identify, define and examine your learning design goals – and how to meet the unique needs of your learners to achieve them.

  • Step 2: Design

    We establish an approach and create storyboards. Planning incorporates course and lesson structures, assessments, learning objectives and other project needs.

  • Step 3: Develop

    Production begins in close collaboration with your organisation – all with ongoing validation to keep your project on track.

  • Step 4: Implement

    Preparation and engagement for the project launch and rollout.

  • Step 5: Evaluate

    To ensure a high-quality learning outcome, we review, measure and refine the project after delivery.

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