At Swinburne, we’re proud of our history of more than 100 years in the education sector providing vocational education. With a dedicated learning design unit who is specialised in the co-design, development and delivery of a wide range of tailored learning programs, rest assured that your organisational training needs will be met with high quality and precision. Our focus is on upskilling the workforce in current and emerging knowledge areas as well as equipping organisations to be better placed to address skill gaps with technological advancements.

Organisations often find it challenging to identify training needs and deliver them to employees in a flexible manner. Our innovative design methodology focuses on blended learning packages that enable flexible delivery modes to optimise learning across a range of settings, including on-campus, in the workplace or off-site in specialist facilities.

Why Swinburne?

Fully customisable

Our customisable learning programs ensure content aligns directly with your training needs. Your employees can easily access a range of blended learning modes, such as dynamic digital learning solutions, assessment apps, webinars and face-to-face delivery.

Instructional design leaders

Our experience, across government, industry, community and educational sectors, gives you access to leading technology solutions and highly skilled leaders in instructional design.

Innovative and agile

Our subject matter experts work with you to customise learning for your employees whilst leveraging technology to create engaging and innovative content. This responsive and agile co-design process places your needs at the forefront.

Our areas of expertise

Digital learning solutions

Our digital eLearning modules are interactive solutions that enable learning to be undertaken online in the workplace or at home. Your employees will have the flexibility to engage with learning content and assessments at their own pace.

Digital learning encompasses eLearning, remote learning, hybrid learning and mobile learning.

Content design

We build accredited courses and programs and customised content aligned to your needs. We also design and develop a wide range of non-accredited micro credentials and short course training solutions. We will be able to assist to create a variety of learning solutions to your employees.

Project management

Our experience in professional education and partnerships across multiple industries will place your business in confidence to receive project management support to successfully deliver organisational learning interventions.


Our team can advise you on frameworks that support learning experiences for your organisation. We can design programs that align with your organisational training needs, objectives and realise a return on investment.

How learning design interventions are developed

We utilise the ADDIE model as a framework to support the development of learning design content. Constant collaboration and evaluation underpin each stage of our design process. We adopt either a Waterfall or Agile approach as needed.

Visual representation of the Waterfall approach

ADDIE Model: Waterfall approach

 Continuous collaboration consultation

  • A: Analysis (Identify, Define, Examine)
  • D: Design (Establish, Plan, Create)
  • D: Develop (Collaborate, Build, Validate)
  • I: Implement (Prepare, Engage, Pilot)
  • E: Evaluate (Review, Measure, Refine)

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