Labrats Science Club

The Labrats Science Club selects 25 juniors (Grades 5 and 6) and 25 seniors (Years 7 and 8) each year to participate in 10 months of activities, meetings with researchers, project work, competitions and enthusiastic scientific discussion.

Each month the club hears from a top researcher in their field. Read about our past science mentors and their topics as well as upcoming speakers.

LabRats keep a science journal throughout the year, which encourages note-taking skills, consolidation of learning and discussions. Excellent science journals get signed by special guests such as Sir David Attenborough, get submitted to science fairs or win awesome prizes.

Why not get started on your journal now? We would love to see it in your application to join LabRats.

PrimeSCI! Labrats at the ANSTO Australian Synchrotron Open Day. 9 October 2017