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Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group

Industry engagement and partnerships

CXI believes in the power of partnership, and ExChange is our platform for sharing knowledge and building networks.

ExChange benefits

As an ExChange member, you'll have access to the following range of benefits:

ExChange Pulse

ExChange Pulse is our quarterly omnibus customer experience survey of 500 Australian consumers. As a partner, you will receive a report made up of CX questions, ExChange partner questions, and your own set of exclusive and personalised questions. 

Quarterly Omnibus Survey

5 exclusive questions

Insights and inspiration

Stay up-to-date with ever-evolving consumer needs and expectations. Through our tailored offerings, we outline the most relevant trends that currently shape the business and consumer arena, highlighting opportunities for you to innovate, optimise and leverage experience.

Inspiration Pack

1 per year

Research Briefings Sessions (Biannual)

2 tickets

Innovation Seminar (17 April)

10 tickets

X2 Workshop (18 September)

3 tickets

In-house Presentation

1 per year

Executive education

Receive early access and exclusive discounts to our highly sought-after executive education courses led by thought leaders and pragmatic practitioners. 

Strategic Planning Management in Retailing

Early access 10% discount of Full Registration

Brand Driven Business Transformation

* NB: does not combine with any other offer. Only applies for registrants from your organisation



Members are invited to fulfil the following commitments to the CXI Research Group:

  • provide input into the development of exclusive CX Pulse questions.
  • invest an annual fee of $8000 (plus GST).

We value diversity in our membership base to stimulate a variety of perspectives and ideas. To achieve this, we look for a balance of firms across a broad scope of regions and industries.

Join ExChange

To become an ExChange member, contact us:

Kristy Horne
Client Liaison & Research Support Officer
Telephone: +61 3 9214 5961
Email: khorne@swinburne.edu.au