‌Takumi Kawakami is a successful filmmaker with award-nominated works featured in film festivals the world over.

When Takumi Kawakami first heard that his short film Paper Crane had been selected to premiere at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival, he thought there must have been some mistake.

‌Takumi Kawakami, Filmmaker and Director and Bachelor of Film and Television alumnus

He soon realised the news was real. Paper Crane, which tells a story of childhood ambitions and family expectations, was a success. The film went on to be part of the official selection at several festivals, including Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA), Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia) and Aesthetica Film Festival (UK). It has been nominated for several awards both in Australia and around the world.

Takumi says he received strong support from his teachers and describes his degree as “challenging but always rewarding”. He continues to pursue making short films, which are his passion.

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