Remo Camerota is well known for harnessing the latest multimedia platforms and expressing them in a compelling visual style.

Back in 2007 Swinburne alum Remo Camerota created the very first graffiti QR code. Remo is an art and design graduate and creative multimedia artist living in Los Angeles. 

Thanks to Apple, the QR code market is now booming with 5.3 billion QR code coupons expected to be redeemed by 2022. Retailers are using QR codes to curate experiential shopping experiences for consumers and marketers are using the scannable 2D codes to bridge the gap between offline and online advertising.

We caught up with Remo to find out how he turned his passion for art into a lifelong career.

What was your experience at Swinburne like?

I studied fine art and photography at Swinburne. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am today. Swinburne changed my life completely and put me on a new path to becoming a visual artist, author, photographer and film maker. I was none of these before Swinburne. Since my own studies, several of my nieces and nephews have also studied at Swinburne which was exciting.

Remo Camerota, Arts and Design graduate and creative multimedia artist

What is it about your work that you are most passionate about?

I love creating something that is fresh, new and never been done before. This keeps my passion alive.

What have you found most challenging?

Finding clients is one of the hardest things. I go to great lengths to find clients and projects that will help me to continue doing the work I do. In saying that, many of my great works have come out of clients finding me!

How central is innovation to your work?

As an artist, for every project I create I am always looking for the latest in fashion or technology. Keeping the work innovative ensures it will stay relevant for years to come.

What advice would you give to current Swinburne students?

  • Be different from the crowd. Setting yourself apart is important for you and for your clients.
  • Be able to wear many hats. I am currently a visual artist, illustrator, photographer, author, director of film and TV, animator, writer and musician.
  • Chase those ‘out of reach’ jobs that others think are too hard to grasp. Believe in yourself and back yourself in.
  • Collaborate with other artists and industry people regularly. It helps put you forward for the next opportunity.
  • Work hard – obsessively even. Find your niche and play a big game.

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